WorldPay Controls Costs and Ensures Compliance Using Best Practice for Software Asset Management
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WorldPay Controls Costs and Ensures Compliance Using Best Practice for Software Asset Management

A global payment processor, Worldpay has operations in more than 40 countries and processes millions of online payments every day. It provides a range of payment services to business customers of all sizes from small firms to large, multinationals, including online, mail order, face-to-face, and regular payments.

WorldPay was divested from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in 2010. As a young organization, it needed to set up an entirely new IT environment, source service providers, and establish rigorous processes and controls to support its rapid growth.

Oracle License Management Services assisted WorldPay with establishing best-practice software-asset management processes and procedures to help manage its software estate. The processes follow the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practice to ensure good governance and control over licenses for the rapidly-growing payment-services organization. WorldPay has gained control over its growing software estate, helping to reduce the cost of ownership, ensure license compliance, and manage risk related to software licensing.

A word from WorldPay

  • "Oracle License Management Services’ expertise and knowledge helped us to understand the nuances of software asset management. We now have a clear plan that will help us to control costs and remain compliant as our organization grows." – Roger Armorgie, Head of Delivery Service, WorldPay



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Oracle License Management Services offered a software asset management service tailored to WorldPay’s unique requirements as a newly developed site. An asset management consultant worked collaboratively with WorldPay and other consultants employed at WorldPay to help establish new software asset management procedures and to jointly produce templates and documents. Oracle focused on helping WorldPay to establish the most appropriate approach to software asset management, combining outsourcing to a third-party supplier while retaining a layer of in-house expertise.

“Oracle License Management Services brought valuable knowledge and experience to help us understand what our organization needs. We now have best practices in place for software asset management and are in a much stronger position as our organization grows,” said Ben Langley, change and configuration lead, WorldPay.