Wüstenrot Efficiently Generates Reports and Analyzes Data with Enterprise Reporting Solution

Wüstenrot Efficiently Generates Reports and Analyzes Data with Enterprise Reporting Solution

Wüstenrot a.s. is a financial group in the Czech Republic, comprised of four businesses focused on savings, mortgage loans, life insurance, and other forms of insurance. Through its close cooperation and a joint, business network of financial advisors, Wüstenrot’s personal financial advisors are able to provide their clients with convenient, comprehensive, services and financial products.




A word from Wüstenrot a.s.

  • “Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One has enabled us to automate sales-report generation and distribution as well as rapid and the comprehensive analyses of business information.” – Jiří Vránek, Head of Controlling, Wüstenrot a.s.

  • Create a system to manage sales, ensuring financial services are offered at the correct prices, and that sales orders are recorded and fulfilled to customers’ satisfaction
  • Make parameter-driven reports accessible through a Web-based interface to all financial advisers
  • Enable the dynamic, efficient compilation of reports and analyses based on data stored in the data warehouse
  • Create a platform to serve as a basis for including data from Wüstenrot's insurance lines (in addition to life insurance) and risk management in the future


  • Worked with Neit Consulting to implement Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One to create a central repository of management data for consolidated, financial-services sales information
  • Accelerated the process of generating sales management reports with an enterprise reporting solution
  • Enabled quick access to each financial consultant’s business statistics through the Web-based interface of Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, increasing transparency and visibility
  • Improved the financial group’s ability to quickly address critical events in sales management, with the availability of information from the data warehouse and analytic capabilities of the business intelligence solution
  • Gained the ability to automatically generate defined and highly formatted financial reports, as well as ad hoc reports