Yihaodian Loads Data 7x Faster, Maximizes Return on Investment, and Supports Future Growth
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Yihaodian Loads Data 7x Faster, Maximizes Return on Investment, and Supports Future Growth

In July 2008, Yihaodian launched China’s first online supermarket. It is also one of the fastest-growing business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce companies in China. Yihaodian serves more than 20 million registered users each day, supports 40 million daily site visits, and processes more than 900,000 merchandise categories.




A word from Yihaodian

  • “We chose Oracle Exadata Database Machine over IBM for its high performance, availability, and scalability that supports the needs of our rapidly expanding online business and maximizes our return on investment. We load data 7x faster and have improved system response time by up to 50%, with a storage capacity increaseof more than 60%.” ‒ Han Jun, Chief Technology Officer, Yihaodian

  • Maximize return on investment with a high-performing, reliable, and scalable IT platform that can support future expansion of the online supermarket business
  • Improve data warehouse performance and availability by eliminating system bottlenecks and accelerating processing to support 20 million registered, e-commerce site users and rapidly growing transaction volumes
  • Enable real-time analysis and reporting for key performance indicators (KPIs), such as number of site visits and consumer buying behaviors, to identify potential sales opportunities


  • Created a highly available, reliable, and scalable IT platform that can support future growth of the online supermarket business
  • Loaded data 7x faster and processed queries 5x faster by migrating the integrated data warehouse to Oracle Exadata Database Machine
  • Improved system response time by up to 50% using Oracle Exadata’s Smart Flash Cache to efficiently process business intelligence queries, such as consumer buying interests or repurchased products
  • Increased storage capacity by more than 60% by reducing 200 large tables of data to 40% of their original size, releasing approximately 12 terabytes of storage space, thanks to Oracle Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression
  • Improved management decision-making by generating real-time business intelligence reports for specific KPIs, such as new or repeated grocery item purchases, consumer buying behaviors and trends, completed or cancelled transactions, and purchased or returned goods
  • Enhanced data availability and protection with Oracle Active Data Guard’s failover standby mechanism to ensure bidirectional switching of the master database and disaster recovery database within seconds

Why Oracle

Yihaodian experienced performance bottlenecks for its integrated data warehouse because of exponential growth in registered users, transaction volume, and database size after expanding its online business. The company needed to reconstruct its legacy database platform to optimize analytic support for its business intelligence applications and provide continued support for future business development.

After rigorously testing and evaluating solutions from leading global vendors, including IBM, Oracle Exadata outperformed conventional computer and storage systems and delivered the highest performance, availability, and scalability with its integrated hardware and software solution.  

“By deploying Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we removed performance bottlenecks and provided a new database platform that can support the needs of our fast growing B2C, online business and maximize our return on investment,” said Han Jun, Chief Technology Officer, Yihaodian.

Implementation Process

In June 2012, Yihaodian implemented two Oracle Exadata Database Machine Quarter Rack units and began data migration, debugging, and pilot runs. The new system went live in August 2012.

Yihaodian continues to migrate its business intelligence applications to Oracle Exadata and plans to expand its online storage capacity to maintain business growth.