Yuanta Securities Slashes Hardware Costs by 70% and Gains Near-Real-Time Data Synchronization with Database System Deployed in Just Hours

Yuanta Securities Slashes Hardware Costs by 70% and Gains Near-Real-Time Data Synchronization with Database System Deployed in Just Hours

Yuanta Securities Company Ltd., (Yuanta Securities) provides brokerage, investment banking, financial derivatives, credit transactions, bonds, and stock-transfer-agency services in Taiwan. As a market leader for investment banking in the country, the company controls approximately 13% of the market share in the securities brokerage sector and 23% market share for securities margin financing. With 176 branches across the country and an international presence in Hong Kong and Vietnam, the company also plans to expand its brokerage services into the mainland China market.

Yuanta Securities was using Oracle Database for its electronic transaction system. After its merger with Polaris Securities Ltd. in April 2012, Yuanta Securities wanted to keep Polaris Securities’ transaction system due to its popularity with Polaris’ customers. However, since Polaris Securities’ system was based on other database platforms, Yuanta Securities needed to ensure both that the two systems functioned with real-time data synchronization to avoid disruption to time-critical trade transactions. Yuanta Securities also wanted to ensure high levels of database performance and availability to support a higher volume of trade transactions following the merger.

Yuanta Securities implemented Oracle Database Appliance to consolidate data from six database services into one platform. It then used Oracle GoldenGate to ensure seamless data synchronization between the integrated database platform and Polaris Securities’ transaction system to minimize delays for customer transactions. With Oracle solutions, Yuanta Securities achieved near-real-time, back-end data synchronization and enabled customers to freely use the two systems without any changes. It also enabled database deployment in hours rather than weeks, slashed hardware costs by 70%, saved licensing costs, simplified system management and improved staff productivity by 90%.

Achieves Near Real-Time Data Synchronization, Ensures High Availability

A word from Yuanta Securities Company Ltd.

  • "We chose Oracle Database Appliance over UNIX offerings because it offers a high-performance and highly available database as well as ease of deployment and system management, enabling us to lower the total cost of ownership. With Oracle GoldenGate, we also achieved near-real-time data synchronization and minimized disruption to time-critical customer transactions." – Jen-Tai Cheng, IT Manager, Yuanta Securities Company Ltd.

With its increased transaction volume following the merger, it was critical for Yuanta Securities to ensure high performance and highly available database services for both of the transaction systems to avoid disruption to time-sensitive customer transactions, such as trading stocks or derivatives in the financial marketplace.

Consolidating six databases into a single, highly available, scalable, and secure Oracle Database Appliance, enabled high-performance data loading and supported 40 million monthly trade transactions for Yuanta Securities and Polaris customers. In conjunction with Oracle GoldenGate, it achieved near-real-time data synchronization between Oracle’s integrated database platform and the other database server by enabling seamless and high-performance data replication with minimal impact on customer transactions. It also ensured data reliability for the two transaction systems, in the event of a system failure, by moving data without requiring system interruption. For example, Yuanta Securities’ customers can log into Polaris Securities system with the same user name and password and access identical transactional data.

“Our customers can gain or lose thousands of dollars in seconds, so it is crucial that we have low-impact data movement with low latency between the two transaction systems. Thanks to Oracle Database Appliance and Oracle GoldenGate, we can synchronize data in one second instead of three, enabling our customers to freely use both of our transaction systems without compromising system performance,” said Jen-Tai Cheng, IT manager, Yuanta Securities Company Ltd.

Simplifies Deployment and Maintenance, Slashes Hardware Costs by 70%




  • Ensure seamless data synchronization between two companies’ transaction systems, based on Oracle Database and other database servers, to enable customers to freely use both systems without disrupting time-sensitive trade transactions
  • Consolidate six databases into a single database platform to ensure high-level system performance and support the growing volume of trade transactions following the merger
  • Gain single-vendor support to simplify system management and reduce costs  


Oracle Product and Services

  • Slashed hardware costs by 70% by implementing Oracle Database Appliance with software, server, storage, and networking in a single box rather than using a traditional UNIX-based database system
  • Saved licensing costs by enabling the company to scale as the business grows without the need to buy full licenses, thanks to Oracle Database Appliance’s flexible, capacity-on-demand licensing model
  • Achieved near-real-time, back-end data synchronization between Oracle Database and other databases by using Oracle GoldenGate to ensure seamless and high-performance data replication with minimal impact on customer transactions
  • Enabled database deployment in just three hours, rather than spending weeks to install and configure multiple components 
  • Simplified system management by using Oracle Database Appliance’s built-in diagnostics tool to monitor and detect component failures or configuration issues, enabling managers to spend 90% less time on such tasks
  • Ensured data reliability for both of the company’s transaction systems in the event of an outage and moved data to the target system without system interruption
  • Enabled high performance for loading data associated with 40 million monthly trade transactions and lowered CPU usage by implementing a highly available and scalable database platform

Why Oracle

After rigorously testing and evaluating other vendors’ solutions, Yuanta Securities chose Oracle Database Appliance, based on its positive experience with Oracle Database and Oracle’s strong industry reputation. Oracle Database Appliance was also more cost-effective and enabled faster deployment to meet the company’s time-critical business requirements.

“We considered UNIX-based systems, but only Oracle could offer a high-performance and lower-cost database platform with a flexible capacity-on-demand licensing model. We can also deploy Oracle Database rapidly, in just three hours, saving us time and money. I can’t think of any reason not to choose Oracle Database Appliance,” Cheng said. 

Implementation Process

Yuanta Securities deployed three Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 units for its production site, disaster discovery site, and development and testing environment. It took engineers just three hours to install and configure one Oracle Database Appliance, and the full implementation, including Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Active Data Guard, went live in one-and-a-half months.


Yuanta Securities engaged Oracle partner, Stark Technology Inc. to install and configure Oracle Database Appliance X3-2 and Oracle GoldenGate and to assist with new patches for the operating system and the Oracle Database.

“We are a long-time partner with Stark Technology, and we are very happy with their service. With their expertise and experience in installing Oracle Database Appliance, the project went smoothly and rapidly, meeting our time-critical business requirements and enabling us to improve customer service,” Cheng said.