Zagrebačka banka Reduces Complex Calculations from Hours to Minutes with Engineered Business Intelligence
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Zagrebačka banka Reduces Complex Calculations from Hours to Minutes with Engineered Business Intelligence

Zagrebačka banka d.d., part of Italian Unicredit Group, is the biggest bank in Croatia and one of the country’s largest employers. Through its 130 branches, the bank serves 80,000 corporate customers and more than 1.1 million private customers nationwide—making one in four citizens a Zagrebačka banka customer. Zagrebačka banka accounts for 25% of the total assets of the Croatian banking sector, controlling 35% of Croatia’s investment funds, 41% of obligatory pension funds, and 30% of specialized savings accounts for real estate purchases transacted through its subsidiaries. The publications Euromoney and Global Finance named Zagrebačka banka Croatia’s best bank in 2011.




A word from Zagrebačka banka d.d.

  • “We deployed Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics, and Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite to establish the most advanced business intelligence environment available on the market today. From complex forecasts, to ad-hoc analyses with detailed drill-downs—the information is readily available. We have seen remarkable gains in job performance and the ability to support more concurrent users, compared to our legacy platform, and we have substantially improved our analytical capabilities to optimize decision-making at every level of the bank.” – Mirko Talajić, Business Intelligence Director, Zagrebačka banka d.d.

  • Deliver dynamic business intelligence reports, such as ad-hoc profitability analyses of banking products within specific customer scenarios, periods, and regions to increase insight and facilitate better decisions
  • Enhance the user experience for the bank’s Oracle Business Intelligence users, as the legacy platform could no longer meet the increasing performance requirements for numerous ad-hoc analyses and reports
  • Shorten the refresh period for planning and forecasting information by shortening the time for complex calculations from days to hours
  • Establish a consolidated business intelligence platform with superior performance, building on the value already gained from using Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, and Oracle Essbase


  • Deployed Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2-4 to operate the fastest business intelligence and online analytical processing (OLAP) platform available today, for a system that is tightly connected to the bank’s data warehouse on Oracle Exadata Database Machine with unmatched analytics speed and rich visualization
  • Retrieved data in profitability cubes via Oracle Essbase Smart View within three seconds instead of 30 seconds, as before, while Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher performs up to 4x faster on Exalytics In-Memory Machine
  • Reduced the execution time for complex calculations from hours to minutes, enabling better insight into critical financial information, such as profitability, through the ability to drill-down from business unit levels to customer and account levels
  • Generated Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher reports within seconds instead of minutes when opened through Oracle Essbase Smart View, substantially improving operational efficiency across the organization when delivering 100 new management reports on a monthly basis
  • Enabled 300 concurrent users to generate key performance indicators (KPI’s) up to 10x faster at the customer and contract levels—including economic value added and return on assets—substantially enhancing insight and decision-making capabilities and reducing risk associated with loss-generating customers
  • Enabled sales representatives to decide immediately whether a financial product, such as a mortgage, should be offered to a specific customer or not, based on improved KPI generation
  • Provided account managers with accurate, dynamic, drill-down reports to help manage banking customers more efficiently—as all customer information is kept in one cube and loaded instantly when required
  • Loaded the planning cube almost 2x faster and performed complex forecasting calculations up to 8x faster, reducing data preparation efforts from one day to one hour and enabling staff to spend more time on data analysis
  • Used Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics to build an Oracle Essbase Aggregate Storage Option reporting cube with 10 million members, from 285 gigabytes of relational financial data—a task that could not have been achieved with the previously used platform—enabling the bank to analyze three years of banking history for enterprisewide consumption

Why Oracle

“Our long-standing experience with Oracle Business Intelligence and Oracle Exadata has been excellent. To take full advantage of the integrated management and extreme performance of Oracle’s Engineered Systems, we decided to deploy Exalytics In-Memory Machine X2-4 and Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database for Exalytics as the industry-leading foundation for high-speed analytics,” said Mirko Talajić, business intelligence director, Zagrebačka banka d.d.