Ziggo Rapidly Creates Applications That Accelerate Communications-Service Orders
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Ziggo Rapidly Creates Applications That Accelerate Communications-Service Orders

Ziggo is a leading player in the Netherlands’ communications industry, delivering cable television, broadband internet and telephony services to 3 million households. It also provides business-to-business customers with data communication, telephony, television, and internet services.

After a merger with two other companies, the number of Ziggo customers tripled, causing problems with its order management solution and customer service. Ziggo wanted to quickly find a solution that would help it spot and fix these problems.




A word from Ziggo

  • "Oracle Application Express helped us to develop applications that helped quickly find and fix problems within our order workflow." – Eelco Peters, Application Manager, Ziggo

  • Streamline and standardize disparate order management workflows and solutions following Ziggo’s acquisition of two communications providers, a move that tripled its subscriber base
  • Accelerate order processing for communications services and improve accuracy of this vital business process
  • Speed resolution of customer order issues by providing field service agents with accurate information
  • Create a single customer database, centralizing all information for each customer, such as products or services used, billing information, customer service history, order management, to create a single source of truth used by all departments when contacting customers


Oracle Product and Services

  • Used Oracle Application Express to develop applications and forms that could be quickly integrated into the company’s Oracle E-Business Suite environment to locate problems in the order management processes and create a standardized workflow to manage order data for all customers
  • Accelerated the communications service-order process by creating new, online order forms and templates for internal users, such as call center agents and salespeople, that are tightly integrated with back-office order management
  • Used Oracle Application Express to develop applications and forms that helped locate problems, such as lost orders, changed orders, and orders for the wrong services and resolved them by rapidly by providing field service agents with more accurate data on specific customer problems
  • Created a single customer database allowing different departments, such as billing, customer service and marketing, to get a clear overview of a customer’s product, services, service issues, billing information, and other associated data
  • Improved order management and billing by creating internal customer and billing dashboards for the more than 3 million customers and invoices that management can use to identify possible errors before an order is executed or a bill is sent