ZON Multimedia Boosts Quality of Customer Service and Reduces Operational Costs with Business Intelligence and Data Integration Solutions
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ZON Multimedia Boosts Quality of Customer Service and Reduces Operational Costs with Business Intelligence and Data Integration Solutions

ZON Multimedia, created in 2008 as a spin-off from the major local telecommunications operator Portugal Telecom, is a leading provider of cable TV and pay-per-view services in Portugal, serving more than 1.6 million customers and nearly 3 million households. It also operates more than 210 theaters across the country and is the second-largest internet services and fixed-voice provider, with 790,000 and 976,000 customers, respectively.




A word from ZON Multimédia

  • "We have created a well-defined user profile and gained valuable usage feedback and trending analysis that accelerate the launch of viable new services and tools for commercial use. It was very difficult to gain this insight with our legacy Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint solutions." – Carlos Graça, Quality Manager, ZON Multimedia

  • Monitor real-time performance and workload of pay television and internet networks to gain timely feedback about technical issues and customer usage patterns, accelerate new service launches, and improve planning efficiency
  • Find a quick and technically reliable alternative to legacy Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint enterprise solutions, which were used previously for data collection and analysis but could not provide timely information
  • Monitor ZON Multimedia’s service offerings—based on interactive, mobile solutions—throughout their lifecycles, integrating vital information and data gathered from various types of reporting systems and technology platforms onto a common BI platform
  • Evaluate the customer experience and anticipate network problems, with the aim of improving service quality and reducing call-center costs
  • Consolidate internal technical skills to develop new analytical tools using Oracle solutions


  • Cut operational costs by reducing the impact of service failures and the number of calls coming into the company’s call center, thanks to the combined use of Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition to gain early insight into possible service issues
  • Accelerated performance and service-usage data collection, integration, and analysis, realizing a significant improvement in data quality and timeliness over the legacy Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint systems
  • Increased significantly the visibility, speed, and ease of collecting real-time data about workload levels and services usage from network systems throughout the country, thereby improving network performance and customer satisfaction
  • Enabled service failure detection through changes in service usage patterns, previously only tracked once the customer had reported an issue to the call center—improving customer service and satisfaction
  • Gained the ability to continually expand the analysis program to capture more performance indicators and customer usage pattern metrics—which guide and accelerate new-service launches
  • Improved midterm IT planning for network evolution by achieving clear and visible service usage profiles with trending analysis designed to nurture creation of new services, such as video on demand and its Timewarp service, a type of online digital video recorder using Advanced Personal Cloud Recording technology
  • Launched new BI applications and tools quickly and frequently—weekly, in some cases—with Oracle’s easy-to-use solutions, training technical staff in just three days and completing deployment in less than a year

Why Oracle

Quality, versatility, efficiency, ease of integration, and a rapid learning curve were critical factors in ZON Multimedia’s selection of Oracle solutions.

"We had some difficulties working with SharePoint. It was hard to build dashboards and there were countless technical difficulties with errors and other problems. In addition, we also had some problems with slow performance," said Carlos Graça, quality manager, ZON Multimedia.
“Oracle BI solutions helped us achieve enhanced visibility on network and services’ usage, thus permitting us to predict network failures and optimize our operational costs.”

Implementation Process

Implementation began in August 2010 and lasted approximately nine months. The company first integrated its Oracle Database with Oracle Data Integrator and Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition. It later added the network analysis and supervision components.

ZON Multimedia continues to expand its analysis program, adding new BI capabilities weekly. To date, the company has focused its analysis most heavily on cable TV, video-on-demand, voice communications, and internet services.

ZON Multimedia is focused on creating internal IT competencies around its solutions, including development of business intelligence applications. It worked with Oracle partner Altran to achieve knowledge transfer around Oracle BI solutions, training two ZON Multimedia employees on the systems. Today, 20 staff members are trained to develop applications using the BI platform.