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  • Customers in the Know Blog: Exclusive Thought Leadership for Customers
    Oracle strives to drive customer-focus into all aspects of its business. Read and follow Oracle Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Jeb Dasteel's blog,"Customers In the Know," where he and guest contributors explore ideas, programs and trends that drive customer success, increase retention, and loyalty. Here are a handful of recent posts.
    • The Cloud: Changing Customer Expectations and the Role of the Chief Customer Officer
      The role of the chief customer officer (CCO) continues to gain momentum as organizations work to re-imagine customer-centricity in the digital age. The tech sector continues to lead the way, and there are interesting and important changes afoot when it comes to the role of the CCO in a tech sector enterprise. Many technology companies are transforming from product to service enterprises—which is a different business model with distinct customer expectations. The CCO plays a critical role in helping to support this transformation and align the organization and its resources and customer touch points to successfully meet changing customer expectations.
    • Live Conferences – Three Important Reasons to Keep Going
      Following his attendance at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, guest blogger Sten Vesterli reflects on the relevance of live conferences in a world where we increasingly expect all of the information we need to be available on demand and, literally at our fingertips. He believes these events continue to be vital and vibrant opportunities for learning, and offers three compelling reasons why: specific answers, knowledge sharing and serendipity.
    • Join Me at the Fifth Annual Customer Experience Strategies Summit
      The Fifth Annual Customer Experience Strategies Summit is the largest gathering of customer service leaders in Canada. Jeb Dasteel will be a keynote speaker at the event presenting, The Ultimate Goal - Your Customer's Success, where he'll discuss how innovation in the way we relate to customers has transformed our business, including new drivers of customer success, how best to define and deliver tangible value and best practices to design a new customer success support structure.
    • New Tools Foster Stronger Strategic Partnerships - (Part 2 of 2)
      There are a few tools and best practices that are essential to the Joint Business Review and how they are driving value for our customers. At Oracle, we are committed to putting our innovative technology and solutions to work within our own organization. The Account Satisfaction Dashboard, built on our business intelligence platform, is one such example. It evaluates customer satisfaction with their Oracle relationship and is foundational to our ability to conduct a complete health assessment as part of the Joint Business Review. Our quest to strengthen customer relationships and focus on building true strategic partnerships is a top priority for Oracle.
    • Building Stronger Strategic Partnerships with Joint Business Reviews - (Part 1 of 2)
      We are fanatical at Oracle about striving to continuously improve the strength of our customer relationships. One strategy for achieving this is the Joint Business Review—a process we've initiated among our largest 300 customers. The Joint Business Review provides a unique opportunity to explore the health of the customer relationship (along both dimensions) and determine concrete ways to strengthen it. A strong framework and attention to relationships leads to real business outcomes and true partnerships.
    • Attracting and Retaining Referenceable Customers is a Team Sport
      The increased velocity and stake in the customer's business continuity in the cloud era has a profound impact on customer reference programs. As the pace of solution releases grows, so must the frequency and speed at which we identify and attract customers willing to share their journeys and successes. In this environment, teamwork is more important than ever, and delighted customers who are willing to share their experiences are among the most precious assets of any company.
    • Best Practices for Acing Your License Review
      In talking with customers about their experiences with Oracle and other software vendors, one of the questions that often arises is "What can we do in advance to prepare for an audit?" Jonathan Koop, Senior Vice President, Oracle License Management Services (LMS) offers his insight on best practice recommendations for how to manage an audit after his recent meeting with European Oracle User Group leaders and his LMS Steering group.
    • Mergers and Acquisitions: The Opportunity of Change
      We know the acquisition of a company can be tough for our customers and the experience can feel a lot like an uninvited guest with a big appetite for change. Our goal is to lessen the initial impact in the timeliest way and get to the added value envisioned by the acquisition as fast as possible. Every acquisition brings new opportunities and new challenges. We know from experience that embracing what is new is well worth the effort, and that, together, our combined team can meet our goal of helping our customers achieve even higher levels of success.
    • Competing for Customers, Blog 2: The Value of Customer Success
      This is the second post of the blog series on Customer Success by Jeb Dasteel, Amir Hartman, and Craig LeGrande. They define the Subscription Economy as the fundamental transformation from an economy based on high capital-intensive sales of products into an economy based on services that you pay for as you use them, or as specific outcomes are realized. If you intend to win the competition for customers, you would be smart to understand why businesses are flocking to the subscription model of doing business, and begin to think creatively about how you can make your own business "subscription friendly."
    • Enterprise Data: Opportunity for the Taking
      In today's economy, big data ranks high on the list of businesses' most precious capital resources. It is increasingly a core requirement for creating new products, services, and ways of working. Oracle recently took a close look at businesses across several industries, assessing their ability to effectively manage and put big data to work to move their organizations forward. This study, conducted by WSJ Customer Studios and sponsored by Oracle, yields some very interesting findings. Learning how to effectively, efficiently, and securely gather, store, manage, and analyze valuable data is imperative to driving more actionable insight, better customer experiences, and improved performance.
    • Competing for Customers, Blog 1: The New "As-Needed' Economy
      From this week forward until Oracle OpenWorld, Jeb Dasteel will publish a blog series on Customer Success with the help of two of his colleagues, Amir Hartman and Craig LeGrande. Jeb, Craig and Amir have been writing a book together and they will be sharing their insights with you as you gear up for Oracle OpenWorld. This first post focuses on the central thesis of their book, Competing for Customers—your success in this new economy will greatly depend on your ability to sell AND deliver measurable business outcomes to your customers.
    • Cloud's Second Act: Business/IT Collaboration Emerges as Gold Standard (August 25, 2015)
      "Cloud Computing Comes of Age," a recent Harvard Business Review (HBR) study conducted on behalf of Oracle, reveals that collaboration between IT and business leaders is becoming the gold standard as cloud enters its second act. This is why, at Oracle, we're here to help our customers succeed in their cloud journeys, applying our experience and solutions to help today's enterprises and CIOs achieve a new level of agility and innovation.
    • Big Data and a Holistic Approach to Customer Experience (August 11, 2015)
      With the proliferation of smart mobile devices and the emergence of social media, customer interaction channels and data have exploded. In their big data journeys, many organizations are making significant traction in understanding how customers behave or will behave from transactional perspective. Oracle Chief Customer Officer, Jeb Dasteel, shares that the real potential of big data when it comes to the customer experience is in using it to gain a holistic understanding of the customer in terms of needs and motivations.
    • Emerging CX Trends
      The collection of customer feedback and insights is critical to every business and serves as the foundation of our customer experience strategy and programs. Read this post from Jeremy Whyte, Oracle’s senior director of customer feedback and response programs, on our efforts.
    • Best Practices Shine at EMEA User Group Leader Summit (July 14, 2015)
      User groups are the voice of the customer and provide priceless insight that informs our strategies. In addition to Oracle's ongoing interaction with user groups across the globe, we convene annual summits of user group leaders in each global region designed to capture concentrated feedback and explore new initiatives.
    • Writing the Book on Putting Customers First (June 30, 2015)
      Customer experience cannot be a siloed discipline in the modern enterprise. That's the message from Jeanne Bliss, who's been a chief customer officer (CCO) for more than 20 years, in her new book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine, featuring Oracle Chief Customer Officer, Jeb Dasteel.
    • Soaring with Social (June 17, 2015)
      Oracle Social Cloud is all about helping you, our customers, put the power of social media to work in your enterprises—holistically, flexibly and effectively. It's an important part of our commitment to helping you deliver the best customer experience wherever your customer touches your brand. That's why we're thrilled to hear some of the customer feedback that led to Oracle's recent selection as #1 Best Bet social media tool for large enterprises.
    • RoD: Return on Disinvestment (June 1, 2015)
      With Cloud, return on disinvestment is where the true value is. The on-premise world has costs in CapEx, OpEx, lost opportunities, degrading service levels, under used resources, and repeated cycles of upgrades or replacements. If Cloud simply replaced CapEx with OpEx it would only be of incremental value. But in fact, it's the avoidance of all the other problems associated with on-premise and the opportunity to channel resources towards what's really important to the bottom line of your business that are the bigger pay-backs by far. Investments in your company's competitive differentiators and customer and employee engagement—are examples of key focus areas that could benefit from reallocation of resources that were dedicated to on-premise—call it the Return on Disinvestment.
    • Continuous Improvement of the Cloud Customer Experience (May 19, 2015)
      When it comes to Cloud, customers expect a solution that enables personalization, constant connectivity and security. And, through it all, we know that customers want an easy business relationship with their Cloud provider. To enable this, we focus on "Ease of Doing Business" attributes.
    • Oracle Excellence Awards - Recognizing Unparalleled Success (April 21, 2014)
      Striving for success is what drives Oracle and our customers to continually discover innovative uses for Oracle technology and to deploy groundbreaking solutions and best practices. This is why Oracle Chief Customer Officer Jeb Dasteel is delighted to enter a new season of Oracle Excellence Awards where we have the opportunity to recognize those customers that have excelled in driving business value working in partnership with Oracle.
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