Oracle and the European Union

With a strong local presence in every EU member state, Oracle is committed to helping grow the European economy, encouraging beneficial new technologies, recognizing innovation, supporting education and research, and improving social and environmental conditions. Our initiatives include:

The Lisbon Agenda: Supporting European Economic Aims

The Lisbon Agenda of 2000 aims to raise the EU's productivity and employment levels beyond those of the US by 2010by raising output and creating new jobs. Oracle's goal is provide our customer organizations with the technology they need to improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs, and to find and service new markets at home and abroad.

Oracle PartnerNetwork: Boosting Europe's IT Industry

Oracle has created a large, vibrant and rapidly growing partner ecosystem of national and international companies who are engaged in providing IT solutions, consultancy and implementation services to Oracle customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. 53% of our revenues in the region are generated through this network of over 10,000 partner companies, whose success is also contributing to European job creation.

The Oracle Innovation Network: Fostering Innovation

Oracle's customers and technology partners continually create new, marketable tools, products and services that complement our own. The Oracle Innovation Network identifies and recognizes innovation in our European partner community with its half-yearly Innovation Awards, providing support to assist them in finding new markets for their innovations.

Oracle Academy: Helping European Students Develop IT Skills

The Oracle Academy program provides a fully structured higher education course that helps students to develop database design, programming, project management, presentation, and problem-solving skills. Participating teachers are supported with world-class training and professional development, and the latest database and online learning technologies.

The CERN Openlab Project: Supporting Scientific Research

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), headquartered in Switzerland has relied on the power of Oracle Database since 1982 to process data resulting from its research into particle physics. Currently, Oracle Grid Computing technology is enabling CERN to distribute its data processing requirements among super-computers located at many different scientific and academic institutions around the world.