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Funded by the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7), the PRECIOSA research project aims to demonstrate that data privacy is possible even in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), specifically Co-operative Systems. In line with its commitment to supporting innovation in Europe, Oracle is playing a key role in its development.

In 2002 the European Union set out its goal of making Europe "the most dynamic competitive knowledge-based economy in the world" by 2010. Supporting the aims of economic growth, competitiveness, and high employment, FP7 brings together key players from government, industry, academia, and the scientific community in numerous research-related initiatives. Long dedicated to fostering collaborative research and innovation within Europe, Oracle is leading or taking a key role in a number of these projects; one such project being PRECIOSA - or Privacy Enabled Capability in Co-operative Systems and Safety Applications.

Essentially, PRECIOSA aims to demonstrate that Co-operative Systems in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems can protect the privacy of location-related data and comply with future privacy regulations - Co-operative Systems being the key technology for collaboration between individual travellers, operators of transport systems, and service providers. If Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I), and Vehicle to X (V2X) communication capability can be introduced without compromising data privacy, this opens up significant potential for safer and "greener" mobility within Europe - and enhances its attractiveness as a region in which to do business and to travel.

However, there is an apparent conflict here: handling, sharing and storing sensitive data such as location, user information, traveller movements (where required or permitted), and moving patterns (e.g. traffic data) over mobile and ad hoc networks is the very point of Co-operative Systems technology; but, equally, so is protection of the privacy and location related data of individuals. Somehow, the latter has to be achieved without compromising the functionality or efficiency of the former.

Providing the industrial perspective on privacy in the area of data and information storage for the PRECIOSA project is Oracle's role. A pre-requisite to privacy is security, and Oracle is a key player in the market of information security solutions, covering data storage security (Database Vault), auditing (Audit Database), identity management, single sign-on, and many other aspects that will be key to the project's success. Additionally, privacy-friendly solutions often benefit from keeping information as close as possible to where it is used; here, too, Oracle provides a number of information storage embedded solutions. These are expected to play a crucial role in ITS Co-operative Systems.

As well as extending its commitment to promoting and furthering innovation within Europe, for Oracle the PRECIOSA project is an excellent arena in which to develop and test its own technology and innovate for the future:

"Oracle involvement in PRECIOSA," says Fulvio Sansone, Business Development Director EMEA Oracle in R&D, "allows us to investigate and devise privacy friendly ITS Co-operative Systems. Such systems are expected to become widespread in the provision of future mobility services and ensuring privacy is one of the key issues in their future deployment."

The emergence of Co-operative Systems in ITS, previously largely based on in-vehicle or handheld solutions, opens up many new possibilities: in particular, it allows solutions developed in the Internet and enterprise planning domains to be ported to mission critical environments like dynamic demand and traffic management, dynamic navigation services, and intelligent speed warning; to name just a few.

As with its other FP7 involvements, Oracle is committed to making available its knowledge and experience in the enterprise software and Internet domains to these new fields of applications, and to fostering innovation through cross-fertilisation.

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