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Enhancing Your Applications

Gain Better Business Results with Oracle Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together

IT leaders who rely on Oracle integrated systems achieve tangible business results because they are able to replace IT wait time with revenue generation time. Take back office functions such as payroll or monthly financial closing processes. Heterogeneous approaches require IT to spend hours managing these activities. Oracle's integrated approach frees up that time, so IT can spend more time innovating and providing business value.

At the Oracle Systems: Enhancing Your Applications event, you’ll learn how running Oracle applications on Oracle systems can help you deliver maximum value to your customers and achieve dramatically better business results. We’ll discuss how to:

  • Reduce costs and focus on innovation with superior Oracle ERP and CRM application and database performance
  • Improve time to value by adding new capabilities when you need them
  • Drive productivity and business value with Oracle Hardware Systems and Oracle Optimized Solutions
  • Transform business processes with Oracle's new In-Memory Applications for Oracle's Engineered Systems

Join us to hear how you can achieve substantially better business benefits, all while simplifying IT infrastructure, saving cost, and reducing risk.



Keynote: Business Advantages of Oracle Software & Systems Running Together
Deploying Oracle software on Oracle systems enables Oracle customers to achieve substantially better business value. This keynote session will address the high level benefits that an integrated hardware and software solution can bring to your business.

Driving Business Value by Running Oracle ERP and CRM Applications Together with Oracle Systems
Learn how running these business critical applications on Oracle systems will enable your organization to gain even greater business value from functions like Finance, HR, Procurement, Projects, Customer Care, and many others.


Accelerate Your Business with Oracle Optimized Solutions
Learn how Oracle Optimized Solutions can help you streamline your operations—from purchasing to deployment to ongoing maintenance and support—and deliver more savings to your bottom line while accelerating productivity.

Database Infrastructure Optimization
This presentation will discuss how Oracle applications deliver extra functionality and business value when Oracle Database 12c is running on Oracle's engineered systems, as a direct result of the combined in-memory functions of engineered systems and the functionality of Oracle Database 12c. No other platform provides this capability.


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North America

  • Washington D.C.

    April 29, 2014
  • Cleveland

    April 30, 2014
  • Orlando

    May 7, 2014
Oracle 1-800-633-0738

Oracle Systems: Together with Oracle Applications
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