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In-Memory Acceleration for All Applications

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Forward-thinking enterprises can leap ahead of the competition by making business decisions in real time. But first, they must dramatically increase the performance of their analytical processing.

Larry Ellison Announces Oracle Database In-Memory Option

Video: Larry Ellison Announces Oracle Database In-Memory Option

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At Oracle OpenWorld 2013 in San Francisco, Oracle announced the upcoming availability of the Oracle Database In-Memory option—a solution for accelerating database-driven business decision-making to real-time speeds. Unlike specialized approaches that are restricted to particular workloads or applications, the unique approach of Oracle Database In-Memory leverages a new in-memory column store format to speed up analytic, data warehousing, and reporting workloads, while also accelerating transaction processing (OLTP) workloads. Organizations of all sizes and running any application can benefit from:

  • Real-Time Analytics Performance:
    The Oracle Database In-Memory option dramatically accelerates the performance of analytic queries by storing data in a highly optimized columnar in-memory format. Analytic operations run in real-time and return completely current and consistent data.
  • Acceleration for All Workloads:
    A unique "dual-format" approach ensures outstanding performance and complete data consistency for all workloads. Oracle Database In-Memory automatically maintains data in both the existing Oracle row format for OLTP operations, and a new purely in-memory column format optimized for analytical processing. Both formats are simultaneously active and transactionally consistent. Unlike other in-memory approaches that represent data exclusively in column format thus delivering poor OLTP performance, Oracle Database In-Memory eliminates the need for expensive overhead to maintain analytic indexes, and therefore greatly accelerates OLTP operations.
  • Applications Just Work Faster:
     Virtually every existing application that runs on top of the Oracle database will run dramatically faster by simply turning on the new In-Memory feature. Our customers don't have to make any changes to their applications whatsoever; they simply flip on the in-memory switch, and the Oracle database immediately starts scanning data at a rate of billions or tens of billions of rows per second. 
    Larry Ellison, CEO, Oracle
    Oracle Database In-Memory enables applications to automatically and transparently take advantage of in-memory processing. By simply enabling Oracle Database In-Memory, existing applications are accelerated without requiring any changes. New applications that were previously impractical due to performance limitations can be developed with existing tools in use today. All of Oracle's industry-leading availability, security, and management features continue to work unchanged.

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