It's Earth Day Every Day


It's Earth Day Every Day

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It's Earth Day Every Day

Oracle maintains its facilities, runs its business operations, and develops products with a focus on sustainability.

It's Earth Day Every Day

Oracle's Products Enable the Eco-Enterprise

Oracle sees sustainability as a natural extension of how its business operates. The same sustainability solutions and environmental best practices that are embedded in our normal business operations are also available to our customers. Whether through measurement accounting, waste reductions, the elimination of hazardous materials, or optimizations, Oracle is in the unique position of being able to provide sustainability solutions for customers that span the entire spectrum of IT and business requirements.

Learn how to achieve environmental best practices with products designed to help you meet your sustainability goals.

Oracle's Chief Sustainability Officer, Jon Chorley on Earth Day

Jon Chorley on Earth Day

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Oracle's Eco-Enterprise Green Customers

Oracle's greatest positive impact is through the delivery of practical, concrete solutions that help our customers with their own sustainability initiatives. For example:

  • Gunsan City Hall
    In 2010, Gunsan City Hall (the entity responsible for civic administration) started moving to a virtual desktop environment by replacing 100 desktops with Oracle’s Sun Ray Clients. As a result, the organization cut power consumption by 50% and reduced the time and costs involved in replacing and managing desktop PCs.
  • North County Transit District (NCTD)
    NCTD, the agency responsible for public transportation in North San Diego County, CA, selected Oracle to support its sustainability reporting goals. Learn more.
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Oracle and the Environment

Earth Day slideshow

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  • Awards: Oracle Eco-Innovation Awards 2011
    Oracle's Eco-Enterprise Innovation awards go to customers and their partners for using Oracle products to reduce both their environmental footprint as well as their costs. Learn more.
  • Blog: Sustainability Matters
  • Demo: Oracle Environmental Accounting and Reporting
    Learn how to track your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and other environmental data against reduction targets for both voluntary and legislated emissions reporting schemes. Watch now.
  • Oracle Volunteers
    Each year during Earth Week, Oracle employees take action to protect our planet. They partner with environmental organizations to restore habitats, plant trees, clean up beaches and parklands, and protect wildlife.

Oracle's Green Achievements

Green Achievements

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Oracle Corporate Citizens Report
Oracle in Action
National Geographic logo

Scientists suggest that 20% of the Earth’s oceans should be protected, yet we currently preserve just 1%. To help address this issue, Oracle donated $1 million to the National Geographic Society to fund ocean conservation education. Oracle's grant helps fund Mission Blue, a five-year initiative to reverse ocean degradation. Launched in September 2010, this initiative is a sweeping combination of research, publicity, and education.

Oracle Sustainability
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