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Midsize Companies Grow and Succeed with a Modern Business Platform.

Enterprise Resource Planning

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The pressure is on to succeed and make technology advancements grow your business while controlling costs, standardizing business processes, and staying compliant. This is further compounded by the cost and lack of skilled IT resources.

Oracle ERP Cloud: Drive Innovation & Transform Your Business

How do you build the business of tomorrow with tools from the past? Your legacy ERP applications may not be designed to handle today's and tomorrow's ever changing business requirements. To thrive and grow, you need to deploy a modern business platform which can quickly adapt to increasing business demands. Flexible cloud solutions that support automated and standardized global business processes founded on industry-leading practices can help you grow smarter, empower your teams, and maximize the value of your IT investment. The results are increased agility, insightful decision making, greater productivity, lower costs, and an enhanced ability to innovate—all enabling you to drive business success.

Oracle ERP Cloud
Modernizing Finance at Curse

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Oracle ERP Cloud: The Smart Choice for Growing Businesses

Secure, proven, and innovative cloud solutions from the cloud leader

Grow your business smarter, faster, and more reliably without a large upfront investment with Oracle ERP Cloud. Drive performance with instantaneous enterprise-wide visibility to the right information at all levels of your business. Accelerate the value to your business by adopting industry leading best practices and simplifying IT operations. Collaborate more effectively and efficiently with stakeholders, suppliers, and partners while entrusting your users with a modern self service, mobile interface. Become more compliant and control costs better with increased productivity and policy enforcement. Oracle ERP Cloud includes:

Choose the strategy that's right for you by deploying specific ERP applications that not only address your current unique business requirements but will also support your future growth. Quickly and safely gain productivity advances with a modern user experience and cutting edge technologies, such as embedded analytics that empowers users to act on information to drive your business rather than report on past performance. All while taking advantage of the financial flexibility and predictable cost that go along with a modular, pay-as-you-go approach.

"Lending Club is creating a more efficient model, and the cloud is supporting our efforts through automation, communication, and collaboration features that help us achieve a better workflow, increased efficiency, and greater insight into our financial data."
—Carrie Dolan, Chief Financial Officer, Lending Club

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Cloud

Oracle Billing and Revenue Management Cloud offers unprecedented flexibility and sophisticated capabilities to help customers capture recurring revenues.

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Why Should Midsize Companies Move to Oracle's Enterprise-Grade ERP Cloud?

  • Over 30 years leading IT innovation and experience to bring to market best practice business processes.
  • Oracle Cloud provides a common platform and foundation to build on as companies grow.
  • Full breadth of ERP services, including financials, planning and budgeting, risk and controls management, procurement and sourcing, inventory, and cost management, and project portfolio management available for your organization to adopt as and when the need arises with minimal disruption to the business.
  • Role based business intelligence dashboards that proactively monitor and drive your business rather than just report on outdated static information enabling more effective decision making.
  • Modern user experience supporting socially-enabled business processes optimized for today's collaborative, hyper-connected, and mobile workforce.
  • Applications engineered for all types of enterprises from small to large, from national to global, with multi-GAAP, multi-currency, multi-language, and multi-subsidiary capabilities to rapidly support business expansion.
  • Easy, predictable pricing with a subscription-based (SaaS) deployment model.
  • Assurance of reliable and secure applications designed and developed on industry standard technologies, trusted by thousands of customers for more than thirty years with record breaking levels of R&D investment for continued innovation and improvement.
  • 4th generation compliance-certified global data centers for superior security and performance.
  • The only strategic IT partner to provide complete cloud services from software to infrastructure freeing in-house IT resources to focus on innovation rather than maintenance.

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ERP in the Cloud and the Modern Business

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