A giant European retailer faced explosive growth in data and its existing IBM AIX Power 595 system strained under the load. In 2011, the company consolidated databases for its largest European countries onto a single Oracle Exadata Database Machine.*

Benefits include:

  • Up to 15-20x faster queries across 2.8 billion records on count/sum queries
  • 3x faster data loading
  • 2x improvement on full backup downtime

This customer has since purchased additional Oracle Exadata Database Machines to further consolidate across all countries.

*A full rack Oracle Exadata Database Machine V2 system with 64 cores and 576 gigabytes of memory running Oracle 11g with SAS high performance storage replaced an IBM Power 595 server with 48 CPUs and 168 gigabytes of memory running Oracle 10g with HP XP24000 storage.

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