Compare Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA

Considering SAP HANA in-memory technology for analytics? For true real-time business insight, only Oracle, the business analytics leader, offers you a complete, real-time analytics system delivering extreme performance based on proven technologies.

Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine is the industry's first in-memory BI machine that delivers the world's fastest performance for business intelligence and planning applications. Oracle Exalytics is pre-integrated and optimized at every layer of the stack to deliver extreme performance, simplify data center operations, and drive down costs.

Let's compare Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine to SAP HANA:

Compare Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA

Proven Capabilities, Customer Success

Oracle Exalytics is a complete solution that includes Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation Suite, a best-in-class reporting, ad hoc query, OLAP, dashboards and scorecards platform deployed by thousands of customers around the world. Oracle Exalytics includes proven components such as an optimized version of Oracle Essbase, the mostly widely deployed OLAP technology for analytics, and Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, which is used by thousands of customers for mission-critical applications.

Unproven, Incomplete Solution

HANA, a much less mature in-memory technology, is in production with only a few customers.

HANA is an in-memory database only. If you want to do analytics or OLAP, you must license additional software. 1

Compare Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA

Numerous Applications Run on Oracle

Oracle Exalytics works today with more than 80 Oracle BI and enterprise performance management applications—without application changes.

Oracle Business Intelligence customers can also run their existing BI reports, dashboards, and applications on Oracle Exalytics without modification.

Few Applications Run on HANA

There are only a limited number of specialized SAP applications that run on HANA. For example, SAP Business Suite cannot run on HANA.

Compare Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA

Huge Gains for OLAP and Large Data Sets

Benchmark and customer testing of Oracle Exalytics show relational OLAP reporting and dashboard performance gains of up to 100x and multi-dimensional OLAP modeling performance increases of up to 79x. 2

Actual Performance May Vary

Tests conducted by SAP may report significant performance improvements, but the actual performance of SAP's in-memory solutions like SAP NetWeaver BWA has been significantly lower in operational environments. 3

Compare Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA

Pre-configured, Single Vendor Solution

Oracle Exalytics is delivered pre-configured, pre-tested and pre-optimized, with all necessary software, storage, hardware, and interconnect to lower total cost of ownership and provide quick time to value.

Oracle Exalytics is sold, delivered, and supported as a single-vendor solution with quick time-to-resolution and no finger-pointing.

Multiple Vendors, Finger Pointing

SAP HANA relies on third-party compute, network, and storage vendors. Multiple points of support lead to longer downtimes and higher total cost of ownership. No single vendor is accountable for the solution's service-level agreements and due to its complexity, HANA deployments typically require a significant amount of effort.

Compare Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA

Analyze Data from Multiple Sources

Oracle Exalytics supports heterogeneous IT environments and can analyze data from a variety of sources, including IBM DB2, IBM Netezza, Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services, and SAP NetWeaver BW.

A Band Aid for SAP Software

HANA is primarily used by the SAP installed base to resolve performance problems and other issues with SAP's software, for example with SAP NetWeaver BW. 4

Compare Oracle Exalytics and SAP HANA

High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Oracle Exalytics offers very strong high availability and disaster recovery capabilities.

Risky Changes

Implementing HANA may require significant changes to a customer's existing high availability and disaster recovery processes. And HANA's availability configurations can have a negative impact on performance. 5

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