Oracle Expands Netra Server Portfolio

New SPARC T4-Based Carrier-Grade Servers Deliver 5x Performance Boost

Oracle, the leading technology provider to the communications industry and the only vendor offering a complete portfolio of long life, highly reliable carrier-grade servers, has announced new Netra SPARC T-Series servers. The single processor Netra SPARC T4-1 and dual processor SPARC T4-2 servers, along with the Netra SPARC T4-1B server module are built to meet the demanding needs of today's fast paced telecommunications market. Based on the SPARC T4 processor, they provide the security, performance, and scalability required for 4G network infrastructures and cloud-based deployments with up to 5x better performance over the previous generation of servers.

Combined with Oracle Solaris, the industry's leading carrier grade OS, these new Netra systems can reduce TCO and drastically shorten service development and deployment times. Oracle Solaris 11 runs applications faster than Solaris 10 and eliminates the need for load balancing hardware, which can save tens of thousands of dollars per deployment. In addition, it includes enhanced virtualization, isolation of workloads, and network virtualization to support enterprise-scale workloads in cloud environments.

In recent tests running Oracle Communications ASAP on the new Netra SPARC T4-2 server, each SPARC T4 processor delivered 7.7x the performance of the Intel Itanium 1.7 GHz processor in an HP server.

Oracle has the broadest and most consistent offering of carrier-grade, long life products on the market and is one of the largest global suppliers for emergency services such as 911, police, and fire departments. Its NEBS-certified systems can withstand extreme temperatures, lightning strikes, and the equivalent of a magnitude 8 earthquake and still continue to run. Oracle is dedicated to the continued delivery of highly reliable servers by offering a complete portfolio of Netra carrier-grade products to meet the wide variety of workloads required in communications networks.


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