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The Oracle Optimized Data Center provides a strategic roadmap for IT organizations to implement a truly dynamic and cost-effective service infrastructure that accelerates business innovation and growth.

Oracle Optimized
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Oracle is uniquely positioned to deliver best-in-class systems combined with the software and expertise you need to transform your existing environment into a truly optimized data center by:

  • Simplifying your IT infrastructure to lower overall operations cost
  • Freeing up capital so you can accelerate your innovation investments and hone your competitive edge
  • Reducing deployment risks for mission-critical application services by leveraging Oracle Optimized Solutions, which take the guesswork out of deploying enterprise IT solutions
  • Providing advanced systems and software technologies that meet and exceed service levels and deliver innovation and flexibility

What's In the Optimized Data Center?

  • Integrated, pretested solutions and engineered systems for simplified IT, rapid, flexible deployment, and lower-cost operations
  • Your Data Center. Optimized.

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  • Key technologies that are built in throughout the stack, not just added on, including security, identity management, governance, risk, and compliance solutions
  • Reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) at every level
  • High availability support, including Oracle Platinum Services, a new industry standard for rapid response and resolution
  • Automation and simplification of complex interconnected systems
  • Optimized storage solutions that offer industry leading Oracle software integration, storage efficiency, and performance that reduce storage purchases, simplify storage deployments, and reduce operational risks
  • Complete and automated lifecycle management for the entire data center

The Optimized Data Center will not only enable you to be more responsive to user needs, it will fundamentally change the way that you deliver IT services and elevate the value of IT in your company. Based on open standards, the Oracle Optimized Data Center is easily adapted to work with Oracle and non-Oracle technologies.

IDC: Data Center Transformation

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