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Webinar: 7 Digital Technologies That Will Grow Your Business

Webinar: 7 Digital Technologies That Will Grow Your Business

Oracle Modern Best Practice for Startups

Oracle Modern Best Practice for Startups

Shaped by the latest technology, Oracle Modern Best Practice for Startups can help your startup grow confidence and agility.

Learn, Modernize, Grow Confidently and Succeed

Learn, Modernize, Grow
Confidently and Succeed

Gain insights from our customers, industry analysts, thought leaders and more.

Oracle HCM Cloud Enables Growth at Lyft

Oracle HCM Cloud Enables Growth at Lyft

See how Oracle HCM Cloud is helping Lyft grow and retain its multi-generational workforce by modernizing its HR, compensation, and succession management processes.


Growth Adds Pressure and Challenges to Your Business

Over 300,000 midsize customers not only run on Oracle, they also run on the same products as our largest customers. Midsize companies buy Oracle for growth.

CFOs in midsize organizations face the same challenges as their counterparts in large enterprises, but often with the added pressures growth places on their organizations. Although they are still expected to maintain tight control over financial management and business performance, they are also at the strategic heart of the organization and are more likely to have a large stake in IT investment decisions.

Lower IT Costs While Staying Agile

Grow Your Business

Presentation: Grow With Oracle.

In fact, research from Gartner shows that up to *45% of IT organizations report directly to the CFO. Additionally, *41% of the organizations interviewed indicated that it is the CFO who makes or leads their IT investment strategy. With an eye trained on cutting and managing costs, CFOs are looking to keep IT less costly without sacrificing business strategy enablement.

* Source: Top 10 findings from Gartner's Financial Executives International CIO Study, John E. Van Decker, May 2012

Packaged Solutions for Growing Companies

  • The reason we look to Oracle is we like to have the systems all working together and talking together and exchanging information so the information is powerful.

    - Brian Pokorny, VP, Operations, Garmin.

  • Oracle Accelerate is Oracle's approach for providing simple to deploy, packaged, enterprise-class software solutions to growing midsize organizations. Created by Oracle's expert partners and reviewed by Oracle, Oracle Accelerate solutions are simple to deploy, industry-specific, packaged solutions, designed for a fast time-to-benefit. You'll get the right solution in place quickly, inexpensively, and with a controlled scope and predictable returns.

More Insights from Nucleus Research

  • As a rapidly growing company, we needed a powerful enterprise-class solution.

    - Mike Battistel, VP, Information Systems, Corsair.

  • "Today, usability improvements and rapid implementation tools that simplify deployments make enterprise applications a less risky venture for midsize companies."
  • "Nucleus examined midsize companies' deployments of packaged applications such as Oracle Accelerate Solutions and found firms could deploy once with limited risk and then have enterprise-class functionality in place to support future business needs."

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Now more than ever, midsize companies are outgrowing the capabilities of their legacy systems. Siloed information, inefficient processes, and disjointed systems all hinder their ability to grow and stay agile.

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