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Oracle's business-ready storage systems integrate innovative hardware architectures, automated storage tiering, and simplified storage management software into an intelligent infrastructure. With Oracle storage solutions, you can accelerate access to your most frequently used data, simplify IT deployments, and reduce operating expenses for all of your storage needs.

Oracle's Pillar Axiom 600 Hybrid Columnar Compression

Oracle's Pillar Axiom 600 Hybrid Columnar Compression

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Top Five Reasons Oracle Storage is a Smarter Choice than EMC

1. Oracle's NAS Storage Beat EMC in NAS Quality Awards
Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliances beat equivalent EMC products in all 14 of Storage Magazine's 2012 Quality Awards for NAS products. The Sun ZFS Storage Appliances deliver enterprise-class NAS capabilities with extreme performance, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ease-of-use coupled with Oracle's unique software integration.

2. Oracle's SAN Storage: Better Performance for EMC Customers
Oracle's Pillar Axiom 600 is ideal for the consolidation of storage for multiple Oracle Databases and Oracle Applications. Take advantage of improved performance using Oracle's Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC), greater scalability, and more predictable performance based on the Pillar Axiom's patented Quality-of-Service architecture.

Rethink Your Data Storage with the Oracle Pillar Axiom

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3. Oracle's Tape Storage: More Efficient than Disk-Only Archives
If you are thinking about maintaining an on-line archive with EMC Data Domain or Centera, it's time to think again. Most data in an archive is never accessed, so why pay for short-lived disk products with high error rates that consume undue amounts of energy and expense? Archives built using StorageTek tape have been shown to be 238 times more energy efficient with a lower TCO than disk-based archive solutions.

4. Oracle Exadata Database Machine: Redefining Enterprise Database Storage
The Oracle Exadata Database Machine takes an innovative approach to the storage and processing of Oracle Database data to deliver substantial performance improvements, IT simplification, and cost advantages when compared to enterprise servers with EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage. With Oracle Exadata you get up to 10x higher I/O performance and a 5x smaller data center footprint than systems that use EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage systems.

5. Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression: Maximum Efficiency Only on Oracle Storage
Hybrid Columnar Compression is available exclusively on Oracle storage solutions including the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, SPARC SuperCluster, Pillar Axiom, and Sun ZFS Storage Appliances. It enables up to 50x compression for database archives and reduces the amount of storage you need to purchase and manage from 3x to 5x when compared to EMC storage.

Oracle offers a complete portfolio of best-of-breed storage products and business-ready storage solutions that optimize performance, maximize data protection, and reduce the total cost of ownership for Oracle databases, applications, and heterogeneous data management. Get smart and go to for more information.

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