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Oracle's Application Engineered Storage is co-developed with Oracle Database and Applications and delivers unique capabilities not available on EMC or other third-party storage systems. This translates into higher performance, greater efficiency, and lower costs in Oracle environments. With Oracle storage, you can accelerate access to your most frequently used data, simplify IT deployments, and reduce capital and operating expenses for all of your storage needs.

Speed. Simplicity. Savings. ZFS Storage Appliance

Speed. Simplicity. Savings. ZFS Storage Appliance

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Top Six Reasons for Thinking Again When Considering EMC Storage

1. If you think Oracle Database runs better on EMC storage. Think again. Oracle's Application Engineered Storage bests general-purpose EMC Storage.

Only Oracle storage systems are co-engineered with Oracle’s complete software stack to compress data up to 50x, eliminate up to 65% of manual tuning, and speed your Oracle Database queries up to 5x.

Co-engineering Oracle Applications and Oracle Database with Oracle storage results in database-to-storage awareness that is not available on general-purpose storage systems, including EMC Isilon, VNX and Symmetrix VMAX. For example, Oracle Database Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC) yields 10x-50x compression and up to 5x query performance increases. The Automatic Data Optimization feature of Oracle Database 12c lets you implement usage-based policies to automate HCC compression and storage tiering. And, Oracle Intelligent Storage Protocol (OISP) enables Oracle Database 12c to communicate directly with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances to deliver a 65 percent reduction in manual administration. Bottom line: Reduced storage capacity, footprint and associated data center costs plus greater automation—for much lower TCO than EMC storage.

2. If you think EMC's SAN storage is optimized for Oracle Database. Think again. Oracle's SAN storage performs better for Oracle customers.

Only Pillar offers Oracle-unique co-engineering, granular Quality of Service and rapid application deployment.

Oracle's Pillar Axiom 600 is ideal for the consolidation of storage for multiple Oracle Database images and Oracle Applications. Customers can take advantage of improved performance and reduced storage capacity using Oracle's Hybrid Columnar Compression (HCC). In addition, the combination of Pillar Axiom's patented Quality of Service (QoS), Storage Domains and Application Profiles enables customers to perform one-click storage provisioning with prioritized performance tuning based on business policies for Oracle Database images and the applications that run on them. Oracle’s Pillar Axiom delivers up to 10x better efficiency in Oracle Database environments and significantly better TCO compared to EMC VNX.

3. Think EMC Data Domain is the best solution for Oracle Database backup and recovery? Think again. Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-BA delivers high-performance, tighter integration and much lower cost.

Achieve up to 26 TB/hr backup and 17TB/hr restore with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3-BA at 5x lower three-year TCO than EMC Data Domain.

With unique features like Infiniband connectivity and RMAN linkages that eliminate the need for costly third-party backup software licenses, the new Oracle ZFS Storage ZS3-BA is the superior choice compared to EMC Data Domain. Did you know that all Data Domain systems are available only in single controller configurations? What happens if this single controller fails? You can't backup, you can't restore, and you could lose critical business data—forever. In contrast, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance ZS3-BA comes standard with dual-controller configurations for high availability so you don't have to worry. In addition, ZS3-BA can connect to Oracle's StorageTek tape solutions for an extra layer of protection. EMC actively discourages the use of tape storage.

4. If you think EMC storage is the answer for virtualized and cloud environments. Think again. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances support 1000s of VMs on a single system and form the backbone of Oracle's *IT and cloud.

Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances provide proven support to thousands VMs in a single system, deliver 70% faster VM-level troubleshooting and support over 25M Oracle Cloud users today.

Whether you use VMware or OVM, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances provide superior capabilities for deploying, managing, and running your virtualized applications. With a highly parallel, cache-centric architecture and Hybrid Storage Pools, Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances can support thousands of VMs while easily handling the I/O blender effect and boot storms. If bottlenecks do occur, DTrace Storage Analytics provides fine-grained views down to the I/O and VM level for corrective action. All at a much lower TCO than EMC storage. Oracle’s *IT has stored over 150PBs of data on Oracle ZFS Storage Appliances, accelerating performance, reducing footprint, and spending less time tuning and troubleshooting.

5. If you think archiving your data on EMC Data Domain is cost effective. Think again. The TCO for Oracle's tape storage is substantially lower.

For long-term archive, the TCO the average disk-based solution is 26 times higher than the TCO of the average tape-based solution.

If you are considering maintaining an on-line archive with EMC Data Domain or Centera, it's time to think again. Most data in an archive is never accessed. Why settle for expensive disk-only solutions when a tiered storage approach that combines disk storage for high-performance access to recently used data with low-cost, highly energy-efficient StorageTek tape libraries for archiving and long-term retention? The answer: to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

6. Think EMC leads in storage innovation? Think again. Oracle Exadata Database Machine redefines enterprise database storage.

Oracle Exadata customers get up to 10x higher I/O performance and a typical storage reduction of 10 to 15x at a smaller data center footprint than EMC.

Only Oracle can innovate and optimize at every layer of the stack to simplify data center operations, drive down costs, and accelerate business insight. Oracle Exadata Database Machine takes an innovative integrated approach to the storage and processing of Oracle Database data to deliver extreme performance for data warehousing and OLTP environments, IT simplification, and cost advantages when compared to enterprise servers with EMC Symmetrix VMAX storage.

Oracle is co-engineering up and down its entire software and hardware stack to bring applications, data, servers, and storage closer together. Our goal is to deliver exclusive innovative solutions such as Application Engineered Storage that can help enterprises dramatically accelerate application performance while using less physical storage capacity and automating many previously manual functions, leading to significantly lower TCO and higher software ROI. Go to for more information.

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Video: Speed. Simplicity. Savings. Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance

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