Oracle Celebrates 25 Years of SPARC Innovation

Oracle now offers the industry's most reliable, scalable, and secure systems for
mission-critical enterprise applications and cloud computing.

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SPARC (Scalable Processor ARChitecture) is the RISC instruction set architecture that was developed by Sun Microsystems (now Oracle) to create the first SPARC processor in 1986, which debuted in the Sun-4 workstation the following year. Building on 25 years of innovations and a long list of "firsts," Oracle continues to engineer record-breaking SPARC-based systems running Oracle Solaris that deliver high availability and unmatched scalability on all application tiers, from highly concurrent web applications to complex enterprise applications and data warehouses.

SPARC 25th Anniversary
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World-Record Performance for a Range of Enterprise Applications

In 1992 Sun launched its first high-end SPARC server, the successful SPARCcenter 2000. Today, the SPARC processor family is used in Oracle's enterprise servers to create architectures that are optimized for a powerful mix of application types, from CRM systems and Java/Web middleware infrastructure applications to mission-critical ERP and backend OLTP/data warehousing enterprise applications that depend on high availability and scalability.

Closely integrated with Oracle Solaris, Oracle's SPARC-based systems give customers extreme performance to maximize the uptime and ROI of mission-critical enterprise applications and cloud services—all at a fraction of the cost of mainframe computers. With a long history of recorded-breaking performance, SPARC-based systems have achieved over 400 record benchmarks, with 20 currently standing.

SPARC Timeline

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On-Chip Encryption and the Oracle Solaris Security Framework

In 2005, Sun introduced the groundbreaking UltraSPARC T1 processor, the first 8-core system-on-a-chip with multithreading capability. Today, the SPARC T4 processor includes unique integrated on-chip cryptographic support that provides wire-speed encryption capabilities for secure data center operation.

When combined with Oracle Solaris, customers can benefit from a standards-based API that provides a single-point of administration for cryptographic management, making the task of managing a secure environment less complex and more cost-effective. Both the SPARC T4 and SPARC T5 processor (currently in test) have an encryption engine in each core that accelerates all of the most common bulk encryption ciphers like AES and DES.

Complete Integration with Oracle Solaris, Oracle Database, Business Applications, Middleware Software, and Oracle Optimized Solutions

Since being introduced 20 years ago, the Solaris OS has been tightly integrated with SPARC-based servers. As the compute building block for the Oracle Optimized Solutions, SPARC servers with Oracle storage, Oracle Solaris, and Oracle applications can help organizations accelerate business agility for database and middleware projects and a broad range of enterprise applications or cloud deployments. For monolithic database and middleware infrastructures, the combined single-thread and throughput performance of today's SPARC servers make them the ideal platform for achieving faster business results and reliable and predictable uptimes.

Improved System Utilization with Comprehensive, No-Cost Virtualization Capabilities Built-In

SPARC servers with Oracle Solaris offer tight integration of key features and functionality around virtualization, networking performance, and systems management at no additional cost. Dynamic Domains, Oracle Zones, and Oracle VM Server for SPARC are included and offer real-time scaling and optimal resource utilization to ensure the maximum performance and scalability of all application deployments.

In addition, Oracle's SPARC M-Series Enterprise servers offer dynamic reconfiguration,sophisticated resource control, and scale up to 64 processors in an open-systems compute platform that is highly reliable, easy to manage, and vertically-scalable to deliver a mainframe-class system architecture at open systems prices.

Why Oracle

Oracle's SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris are still the most shipped UNIX servers worldwide and are ideal for mission-critical applications that require high performance, best-in-class availability, and unmatched scalability on all application tiers. With a robust roadmap that projects significant improvements every two years, SPARC customers can expect 2-6x faster throughput, 20-50% better single-thread performance, as well as new software-in-silicon features for improved data management and protection. Oracle assures the highest levels of investment protection through 100% SPARC/Solaris binary compatibility, proven by hundreds of thousands of deployments over more than 20 years.

Oracle SPARC Innovation
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