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Oracle Story Infographic

Customers A survey exploring the relationship between consumers and brands found that only 1% of consumers are satisfied with their customer experience—which leaves an astounding 99% up for grabs. Read the report to learn more.


Pop up 2 72 percent of CEOs and CFOs would like the head of human resources to be "a key player in strategic planning." Yet only 45% believe HR is currently fulfilling that role. Download the report to learn more.

Products and services

Pop up 3 Thomson Reuters, a global communications company, is introducing innovative new products and services with the help of disruptive technologies, such as analytics and big data. Watch a webcast to hear how they're doing it.

Business Operations:

Pop up 4 See how a major manufacturer is transforming its operations across the supply chain, from order to delivery.

Enabling Technologies

Pop up 5 A report from the Economist Intelligence Unit found that disruptive technologies—such as cloud, social, mobile, analytics and big data—are major drivers of innovation. Read the report to learn more.

Yet in 2012

What if you could change the mix What if you could change the mix? Even a modest shift in IT spending toward growing or transforming the business could help you compete better in a complex marketplace.


Navigate Complexity - Simplify IT The more complex your IT environment, the less room there is for you to focus on innovation. Learn more about how to simplify IT and unleash innovation.


Cloud computing should be tailored to the way you do business every day, so it's as easy as possible to adopt and deploy. Find out more.


Social Learn how to make sense of social media with the right tools and applications.


mobile See how Oracle Fusion Tap helped a working parent solve a staffing challenge on the weekend, with her iPad, from a soccer game.


Pop up 13 Oracle is in a unique position to offer a complete solution, because only Oracle owns all the layers in the technology stack. We fine-tune each product and optimize performance at every layer. Download the eBook to learn more.


Oracle is recognized as a leader in more than 50 key segments and product categories, including those listed here. Read what industry analysts are saying about Oracle.


Ebook All layers of the Oracle stack have been engineered to work together—not as an afterthought or a workaround, but incorporated into the design and built into the code. With this extreme integration, Oracle can deliver performance, scalability, security, business intelligence, and manageability for the entire stack. Download the eBook to learn more.


Pop up 16Oracle provides comprehensive, industry-specific solutions that are engineered to work together. For example, we provide Communications solutions to support the entire service lifecycle, from concept to cash. Learn more about Oracle industry solutions.

Security Infographic
Lost buy Businesses

Webcast Watch this webcast to see what Oracle's Chief Security Officer, Mary Ann Davidson, has to say about Trends in Security.

In Fact

Webcast Check out this IDC white paper for more information on Security spend.


Webcast Read this eBook for information on Identity Management.

Optimized Data Center Infographic

What is complexity costing you? Watch this video to find out more.

According to leading analysts, 74% of budget goes to maintaining status quo

According to leading analysts, 74% of budget goes to maintaining status quo; 8%-10%—for patching, and upgrading existing systems. By 2014, only 10% of companies will invest in INNOVATION as a core function.


By 2015, 20% of ALL INFORMATION will touch a cloud. 80% of THOSE CLOUDS will be private. 2 of 5 IT Professionals polled by an analyst firm, said: They would rather:

  1. Have a dental work canal
  2. Dig a ditch
  3. Do their own taxes


Why Data Center Optimization

Video The analyst group, Forrester discusses, "Why Data Center Optimization" in this video.

Cloud Infographic
All clouds are created equal

e-book Fiction: All clouds are created equal
Fact: Only Oracle offers the most comprehensive cloud on planet earth. The promise of cloud computing—greater agility, less risk, and lower costs—is real, but making good on that promise depends on the vendor you choose. Empower your business to innovate with Oracle's Cloud Solutions. Download the e-book now.


read Companies around the globe are learning that while cloud computing has many virtues, perhaps chief among them is its ability to help business leaders shift huge chunks of IT budgets away from low‐value infrastructure and toward customer‐facing growth and innovation. Read more on Oracle's three‐level cloud innovation that will redefine IT expenditure and expectations.

Make your life easier

Webcast Make your life easier. Develop, test and deploy enterprise grade business applications faster and easier than ever. Check out this video to see how these customers simplified IT with Oracle's Cloud.

Find the Right Cloud Computing Solution

Find the Right Cloud Computing Solution As Cloud adoption has grown, so too, has the variety of cloud types and functionality available through the cloud. Find the Right Cloud Computing Solution for your organization. Download this Executive Brief now.


public Oracle's public cloud solution, Oracle Cloud, provides the industry's broadest portfolio of application services, platform services, and social relationship management services, all available through a monthly subscription. Find out more about Oracle Cloud now.


Private clouds address the most‐urgent challenges IT organizations face today: staying agile and innovative enough to meet the demands of the business while also containing costs.
However, not all private cloud products are created equal. Find out how Oracle private cloud products offer compelling advantages by providing clouds at a variety of levels: application, platform, and infrastructure levels.

Find the Right Cloud

Find the Right Cloud Computing Solution Only Oracle offers a broad portfolio of enterprise grade software and hardware products and services that enable public, private, and hybrid clouds, so you can choose the right approach for your business. Watch this video to understand Oracle's Cloud strategy.

Find the Right Cloud

Find the Right Cloud Computing Solution Cloud applications can be used to empower line of business managers and their employees, ensuring they have access to the data, applications and features they need to do their jobs more efficiently and more effectively.
Download this Executive Brief now to hear five reasons why LOB managers should consider SaaS business applications from Oracle.

Unlike competitors

Unlike competitors Unlike competitors with limited cloud options—for example, software as a service (SaaS) only, virtualization only, or hardware only—Oracle provides the broadest, most complete, and most integrated set of cloud offerings in the industry. Download this brochure to unveil the power of Oracle's Cloud Solutions.

cloud offerings

cloud offerings Oracle's cloud offerings span public and private clouds and extend to every level of its product portfolio. With access to extensive functionality across business processes, customers can solve their business problems using complete solutions that give them end‐to‐end execution and complete visibility. Watch this video to find out more.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports Engages Fans with Oracle Cloud With a complete suite of enterprise‐grade applications on a common platform, all enhanced with the latest social, business intelligence, and mobile technologies, Oracle offers the most comprehensive cloud computing portfolio. Hear how Oracle Cloud's Social Relationship Management tools helped a broadcaster used better engage with fans on their social media channels.

CIO Insights

CIO Insights Security is a top concern for customers moving to the cloud. What are the top 5 things you should look for in a cloud provider when it comes to security? Watch this three‐part video series to learn what you should know about security in the cloud.

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