Conversations with Oracle Innovators

Q&A with Nitin Aggarwal

Nitin AggarwalOracle Innovator

Oracle Data Integrator
Oracle Data Integrator leverages Extract Transform and Load (ETL) technology to enable companies to build, deploy, and manage enterprise data integration solutions. It includes the necessary components for data movement, quality, profiling, and metadata management for solving any data integration and management challenges. Its declarative design approach using knowledge modules provides modularity, flexibility, and extensibility, improving performance and reducing data integration costs, even across heterogeneous systems.

Principal Database Administrator
Location: Hyderabad, India
Product: Oracle Data Integrator

Q: Why would you say you were nominated for the Oracle Innovation Showcase?

A:I worked on performance testing and review of Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) applications, which used Oracle Data Integrator as an ETL tier for first time. One of the modules I tested using Oracle Data Integrator was Oracle Supply Chain Analytics. The full ETL load for this module initially took 55 hours to complete. I was able to bring down the execution time to 15 hours by suggesting various improvements to Oracle Data Integrator. One of my many recommendations included a method for faster loading of data from fact staging tables into the warehouse fact tables. I had first innovated this methodology during performance testing of version 7.9.5 of Oracle's BI apps that used Informatica as an ETL tier.

Q: How do you think Oracle's innovative culture benefits our customers?

A:Oracle has already established a very good reputation amongst its customers. Over the last few years, however, we acquired a lot of products, which are undergoing integration with existing Oracle products. This brings out a unique proposition that is desirable for any customer looking for best-of-the breed solutions.

Q: How do you define innovation?

A:To me, innovation is not just about finding an ultimate perfect solution to a problem. Rather, I think it is all about finding a breakthrough solution to a seemingly complex problem. That solution may not be the ultimate one, but it does put the thought processes on the right track. When people run out of ideas and someone comes up with a novel one—that's what I call an innovation.

Q: Why is innovation important?

A:When it comes to customer satisfaction, competition, and generating revenues from your existing products, innovation is critical. You have to prove that your products are the best. That very notion plays a vital role in the company's growth because then your products aren't just like all the others. That extra edge can only be achieved if you have people striving to bring new features and capabilities to your products.

Q: What area of technology excites you?

A:Right now, I'm working on data warehousing technologies. The technology is fascinating, with many customers looking for BI solutions that are scalable and have optimum performance. That's what I'm interested in working on and excelling at in the future. As a database administrator, I feel that there is no other place than Oracle where my database skills can best stand out.

Q: Who would you say is the most innovative person at Oracle?

A:In my earlier days, when I started working on Oracle, I came across a site popularly known as Ask Tom ( I was thoroughly impressed with the person behind the site—Thomas Kyte. I am amazed at how he uses his knowledge to come up with innovative ways of solving problems in anything and everything that touches the Oracle database.