How Insight Works

Oracle Insight uses a proven methodology which is flexible and customized to individual company objectives. Most engagements consists of four steps: Industry Perspective, Discovery, Solution Design, and Solution Presentation


Given the plethora of acquisitions made by Oracle, we want to help you understand how these new capabilities have helped others in your industry. Oracle facilities an in-depth discussion with your executives about industry trends, best practices, vision, strategy, and challenges and roadblocks.


Leveraging established industry frameworks and robust intellectual property, we assess your current business processes and identify the capabilities required to achieve your corporate strategy. We will compare you to industry benchmarks and identify both the qualitative and the quantitative benefits from enabling those capabilities.

The Oracle Insight team will come to a customer's site, and, through a series of discussions, determine which capabilities the customer needs to have within its enterprise to achieve its strategic goals. Then, the team will connect those capabilities with the best solutions for that particular customer. As part of the process, the team reviews software configurations and installations, and recommends methods to help get the most value from the software.


Oracle recommends best practice processes and supporting technology, including a time-to-benefit analysis and implementation plan.


The Insight team works with you to create an executive presentation including supporting information, business benefits, and value drivers, to help you build consensus among colleagues and executive management or secure funding from your board.