Why Oracle Insight

Gain consensus and alignment with business and IT teams

  • "We had several competing initiatives. Oracle Insight helped us agree on where we should focus."
    - North America Medical Devices customer
  • "Oracle Insight assisted in the decision making and communication of the issues and importance of the project"
    - North American Public Sector

Develop a compelling value proposition and business case to move forward on a project

  • "The industry metrics used to help us establish a level of performance for IRR purposes were invaluable. The work done on the financial side was well done and some of the best I have seen."
    - North America Life Science company
  • "In following a structured process, it enabled us to translate operational and strategic concepts into usable business impact numbers."
    - EMEA Financial Services company

Assist with the strategy and solutions needed to enable a business transformation

  • "It lends credence to what the IT Department has been telling management. Therefore the chance of getting top management support has increased."
    - JAPAC Financial Services company
  • "The Insight program has been instrumental in jointly developing strategies to solve our emerging business challenges."
    - North American High Tech company

Accelerate decision making or approval from their Boards

  • "Used Oracle Insight to gain approval from Management Steering Committee and Board of Directors."
    - North America Professional Services company
  • "It has been the foundation in our decision making process to implement an enterprise ERP"
    - North American Healthcare company
  • "We used it for the decision process and the presentation to the steering committee to backup why we selected Oracle."
    - North America Manufacturing company

Evaluate and prioritize key business/technology initiatives

  • "Helped uncover 'in-flight' initiatives or impending purchases in several operating units that could be integrated."
    - North America Media company