About Oracle License Management Services

License Management Services (LMS) is a global team of experts chartered to work closely with Customers and Partners to help in understanding and adhering to Oracle's IT Asset policies, licensing policies and business practices.

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In today's ever changing and evolving IT and regulatory climates, IT asset management and licensing strategies have become a focus for many organizations. Developing adequate processes for managing IT Assets acquired and deployed is an important part of sound IT asset management practices.

Furthermore, changes to corporate structures (such as following a merger or acquisition), business functions, and infrastructure technologies will often significantly impact IT asset management, software licensing structures and contractual entitlements.

IT is both a valuable asset and a significant investment. Failure to effectively manage IT assets can lead to significant risk exposure, including:

  • Financial Risk: lack of budget control and planning, including unbudgeted compliance liabilities and/or overspending.
  • Operational Risk: lack of control over IT asset allocation and availability.
  • Legal Risk: breach of contractual entitlements, software license agreements and corporate governance legislation.
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The License Management Services (LMS) organization at Oracle has been established to assist our Customers and Partners in managing this risk exposure. LMS assists Customers and Partners in addressing these issues with a range of service offerings.

Our services are designed to address different needs in the Oracle marketplace. Today LMS is able to share its expertise through these four service offerings:

  • Advisory Services: Helps customers gain an in-depth understanding of licensing policies so they can better assess their future Oracle licensing needs.
  • True Up Services: Provides a voluntary usage assessment by which you can gain a detailed understanding of your current license deployment.
  • Audit Services: Undertakes a detailed evaluation of your existing Oracle estate and an analysis of contract entitlements, deployment practices and current utilization
  • License Contract Certification Services: A proactive verification activity, tailored to your existing license contract, to help with your contractual reporting obligation to Oracle.
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By engaging with LMS, we work together in order to:

  • Obtain a detailed understanding of your Oracle environment and investment
  • Implement asset management best practices
  • Identify spare capacity and optimize the use of your Oracle investment
  • Quantify and resolve the financial risk of non-compliance
  • Ensure informed decision-making regarding future IT developments
  • Provide for accurate budgeting and reporting

All of LMS service offerings are based on our fundamental goal to provide Customers and Partners with the most up to date knowledge, best practices and tools to maximize their IT investment in Oracle.

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