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Services Tailored to Meet your Needs

Oracle License Management Services has developed service offerings that can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements. All services are based on proven methodologies and have been designed to ensure a transparent, impartial, and consultative approach. Moreover, these services are available to you at no cost. When you engage the Oracle License Management Services team, you receive a hands-on consultation customized to your specific requirements and based on expertise and knowledge of Oracle. We offer three categories of service: Review Services, Managed Services, and Advisory Services.

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Review Services provide a detailed evaluation of your current Oracle asset position. By performing an analysis of your Oracle entitlements, deployment practices, and utilization, the Oracle License Management Services team can evaluate your Oracle asset position, identify areas of risk, and provide expert recommendations.

Typically a collaborative effort, Review Services rely on information sharing to ensure a thorough understanding of your Oracle environment. They may also include the use of specially developed tools to identify and quantify your actual usage.

Upon completion of a Review Services project, you have a comprehensive understanding of your Oracle entitlements and actual Oracle usage. The Oracle License Management Services team uses this information to make recommendations on how to optimally utilize your Oracle assets and ensure you have the asset management structure that best suits your needs. Ultimately, you can control your risk and costs by knowing what Oracle assets you own and by managing your Oracle asset utilization.

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Managed Services go beyond Review Services, to assist you in implementing best practices for managing your Oracle assets. Under this category of service, Oracle License Management Services works with you on an ongoing basis to develop a repeatable asset management process, while also providing guidance on how to manage your Oracle assets through the complete asset lifecycle.

Managed Services are a good choice for larger organizations that wish to self-manage complex licensing structures. By providing education on license management best practices and sharing specially developed usage tools, Oracle License Management Services empowers you to manage your Oracle assets on your own. The processes and procedures you learn through Managed Services can also be included as part of a larger asset management program for Oracle solutions.

Engaging in a Managed Services project allows you to achieve all the benefits of Review Services—and then lets you extend those benefits to include proactive and collaborative management of your Oracle assets beyond a single point in time. Managed Services help you minimize risk and meet industry or corporate governance standards. They also make you better equipped to make effective business decisions and budget for future projects.

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Advisory Services are focused projects that consider a specific Oracle asset question, scenario, or need for information. The scope of these services ranges from clarifying license entitlements and providing an evaluation of the licensing options available to analyzing the implications of planned infrastructure changes.

This targeted assistance allows you to obtain expert advice when evaluating different options and ensures that you are able to make informed decisions about your Oracle investments.

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