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Services Tailored to Meet your Needs

Oracle License Management Services has developed service offerings that can be tailored to meet your specific business requirements. All services are based on proven methodologies and have been designed to ensure a transparent, impartial, and consultative approach. Moreover, these services are available to you at no cost. When you engage the Oracle License Management Services team, you receive a hands-on consultation customized to your specific requirements and based on expertise and knowledge of Oracle. We offer four categories of service: Advisory Services, True Up Services, Audit Services, and License Contract Certification Services.

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Review Services provide a detailed evaluation of your current Oracle asset position. By performing an analysis of your Oracle entitlements, deployment practices, and utilization, the Oracle License Management Services team can evaluate your Oracle asset position, identify areas of risk, and provide expert recommendations.

Typically a collaborative effort, Review Services rely on information sharing to ensure a thorough understanding of your Oracle environment. They may also include the use of specially developed tools to identify and quantify your actual usage.

Upon completion of a Review Services project, you have a comprehensive understanding of your Oracle entitlements and actual Oracle usage. The Oracle License Management Services team uses this information to make recommendations on how to optimally utilize your Oracle assets and ensure you have the asset management structure that best suits your needs. Ultimately, you can control your risk and costs by knowing what Oracle assets you own and by managing your Oracle asset utilization.

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Advisory Services offers the licensing guidance and expert advice customers require when considering a change to their Oracle infrastructure or license model. Typical projects are focused on providing explanations of future licensing scenarios. The output can include clarification on contract licensing terms and advice on policies related to specific products and support about future licensing needs.

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True Up Services is a voluntary usage assessment activity, tailored to the demands of a customer's asset management needs. As part of Oracle's standard policy of regular reviews under our license management validation program, the service offers collaborative engagement at the customer's request. As a result, Oracle LMS can work with a customer or partner to understand their deployment of Oracle products, and to help them proactively manage the compliance situation across their license estate.

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Audit Services enables organizations, and different audiences including business users, IT, Finance and Procurement, to conduct a detailed evaluation of their current deployed Oracle estate. It is a process-driven service that includes factual evaluation, analysis and verification of the deployment of Oracle programs in order to assess compliance status.

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License Contract Certification Services is a proactive verification activity tailored to our customer's existing licensing contract. Based on the provision of customer usage data, the service incorporates a range of enterprise-based metrics products that offer insights into meeting contractual requirements, completing verification forms, understanding key processes, and achieving a return on investment. These include the ULA Certification Service, a Pool of Funds Service and our Enterprise Program and Campus Services where we proactively engage with organizations licensed on Enterprise metrics and/or having an Expansion clause—with the objective of helping them to better understand and complete their annual verification.

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