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January 7, 2009

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Retail Plays Defense
A dismal holiday shopping season put more pressure on an already struggling retail sector. But retailers—like businesses in any other sector—can balance stagnant consumer spending, rising commodity prices, and stiffening credit demands by improving their operating margins. In fact, the crisis offers opportunities for retailers that provide customers value in the context of economic challenges. How is this possible? Learn more in the Profit Online special report.


February Issue of Profit Magazine Available Now!
Check out the new February issue to get the latest on performance leadership, technology trends for the healthcare industry, and making the right decisions for growth. Plus, learn about LGR Telecommunication’s beta-test of the new HP Oracle Exadata Storage server—and the blazing-fast performance that’s saving the company time and money.

Fortune Magazine: Oracle’s Edge
In an economic climate where other companies are heading for the lifeboats, Ellison is skippering Oracle into a position of strength. And it comes down to selling software that relies on a growing stream of corporate data, rather than a growing number of employees.


Report Reveals Surging Interest in Application Outsourcing
Forty percent of IT respondents cited the value of outsourcing in improving linkages between business processes and IT, leveraging standardization, and consolidation as leading approaches. Read more in this new white paper.



Oracle ClearView: A Peak at Oracle Exadata
In the first installment of the Oracle ClearView video series, host Richard Levitt explains how Oracle Exadata—the combination of superfast HP hardware and supersmart Oracle software—is bringing powerful benefits to the enterprise.


Blog: Best Practices for a Remote Workforce
Ed Margulies, Senior Director, Product Management CRM Service Products at Oracle: “Make sure you establish standards and basic nuts and bolts support services so everyone can be connected. Encourage electronic forms of social interaction. And encourage regular and standard ways for your workers to review one another’s work products and share ideas in cross-team meetings.”



Big Ideas: Security
“The IOUG 2008 Data Security Survey found that while organizations continue to be concerned about IT security in general, and most support the concept of data security, few have addressed the key vulnerabilities stemming from exposure of data to internal sources." — Director Jenny Gelhausen, Oracle Investor Relations.

Read more big ideas about Security on Profit Online.

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