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  • Oracle Certification Program
    Information for current and prospective certified professionals.
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  • Global Customer Services
    Information on events in your area, news from analysts and industry experts, special offers for Oracle Support, On Demand and Advanced Customer Services. Quarterly.
  • Oracle PartnerNetwork Newsletter
    Receive Partner Enablement offerings and other OPN News.
  • Oracle Support
    Information related to new features and special service promotions for Oracle Support, Forums and Communities. Quarterly.
  • Oracle University Course Schedule
    New classes and training schedules.
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  • Oracle's Database Application Developer Newsletter
    A monthly newsletter for database application developers working with PL/SQL, Oracle APEX, Oracle SQL Developer, Scripting Languages, and other tools.
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  • Oracle's Java Developer Newsletter
    A monthly newsletter containing the latest technical content and updates around the Java Platform as well as Oracle's Java-based middleware and Java IDEs.
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  • Oracle's Systems Community Newsletter
    Content and resources for developers, deployers, and integrators of Linux and Oracle Solaris and their related software, tools, and hardware.
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  • Oracle's Architect Community Newsletter
    A monthly newsletter for Enterprise Architects, Pillar Architects, or the people who aspire to be one.
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  • MySQL Newsletter
    Product information, hints and tips on using MySQL, events, and more. Monthly.
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  • .NET Developer
    News, downloads, and code for the .NET community. Published monthly.
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  • Oracle Store News
    Exclusive email updates with special offers, promotions, and product highlights from the Oracle Store.
  • Oracle News
    Your source for the latest Oracle announcements delivered to your e-mail inbox twice each month.


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