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Six New Java Releases

Happy New Year! Since you were probably busy, here are six new Java releases that went out in early December:

Java SE 6 Update 30 – bug fixes and improved performance. Download

Java SE 7 Update 2 – support for Firefox 5, Solaris 11, bug fixes. Download

Java SE for Embedded 6 Update 30 – numerous bug fixes. Download

Java SE for Embedded 7 Update 2 – support for PowerPC platforms, optimizations for ARM-based processors. Download

JavaFX 2.0.2 – interoperablility with SWT, change of license, bug fixes. Download

JavaFX 2.1 Early Access – a developer preview release, try it and provide feedback to the JavaFX Forum or look for and file bugs in the JIRA bug database. Download

You can always find the latest Java releases on the Oracle Technology Network Java homepage under "New Downloads." Also, we've updated the look of the newsletter for 2012. Please provide feedback about what you like and don't like.

—The Oracle Technology Network Team



JavaFX is Open Source

The first code drop of JavaFX 2.0 source code is now public on OpenJFX.

Adopt a JSR Update

JUGs are “adopting” JSRs for Java 8 to provide developer input earlier and keep standards development on track. Most “Adopt a JSR” members are encouraged to try the latest builds, evangelize the betas to major open source projects, and to provide feedback on day-to-day usage. Can you or your JUG help? JUG leaders are eager to help you get started!

Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

Introducing Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, a modern, lightweight Java EE 6 app server for conventional and cloud deployment. With Oracle WebLogic Server 12c, you can leverage your skills with the latest Java standards, write less glue code and more business logic using integrated services, and improve efficiency with modern, lightweight Java EE 6 APIs — all in a 164mb zip download!

NetBeans IDE 7.1

The NetBeans IDE 7.1 provides new JavaFX 2.0 support. Also included is Oracle WebLogic 12c and GlassFish 3.1.1 support, a Visual Debugger, enhanced Java Editor support, and more.

Berkeley DB and Oracle NoSQL Database Releases

The Berkeley DB team ends a banner year with two more major releases! Berkeley DB 11gR2 ( and Berkeley DB Java Edition version 5.0.34 are now available for download. The latest version of Oracle NoSQL Database Release 11gR2.1.2.123 contains improved control commands, performance improvements, and other enhancements. Download.

Oracle Java Wireless Client 3.1 Now Available

New functionality includes SIM Extensions, Oracle Mobile Developer APIs, Improved Content Management APIs, Network APIs, and more.

The Difference Between GlassFish Open Source and Commercial Editions

This blog explains the difference between GlassFish Open Source and Commercial Editions, diagram included!

Learn Java SE 7 Today with Java SE 7 New Features Training On-Demand Course

No schedules, no waiting. Now you can get classroom training on demand with Oracle University’s best instructors.



London Java Community Meetup London, Jan 17. The LJC's monthly social gathering.

Virtual Developer Day: WebLogic Server Your Desk, Jan 24. Learn about Java EE6, WebLogic Server, Coherence, Eclipse, NetBeans, Maven and Hudson in hands-on labs and sessions while interacting with Oracle product experts in live, moderated chats.

MySQL Embedded Online Forum Your Desk, Jan 31. Join the first-ever MySQL Embedded Online Forum, and learn tried-and-true steps to take before shipping MySQL-embedded products, from the top MySQL experts at Oracle.

JFocus Stockholm, Feb 13-15. Top-notch speakers present on Java, HTML5, Cloud, Java EE and mobile.

Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Feb 27-Mar 1. See how Java controls our phones, books, health monitors, and payment transfer devices, and is embedded in cars, homes, appliances, utilities and more.

JavaOne Russia Moscow, April 17-19. Registration info coming soon.

Devoxx France Paris, April 17-19. Organized by the Paris JUG, content will be 75% in French and 25% in English.

JavaOne India Hyderabad, 3-4 May. Save the date!



Spring to Java EE Migration, Part Two CTO David Heffelfinger continues his demonstration of rewriting the Spring Pet Clinic application using Java EE and NetBeans.

State of the Lambda Java Language Architect Brian Goetz provides an overview of the enhancements to the Java programming language specified by JSR 335 and implemented in the OpenJDK Lambda Project.

Updating Java ME Applications Java Champion Vikram Goyal shows how easy it is to update the text, images, and source code for Java ME applications.

Tutorial: Using JavaFX UI Controls Oracle Technical Writer Alla Redko covers built-in JavaFX UI controls available in the JavaFX API.

Java EE 7: Key Features, Specs and Projects Java EE expert Arun Gupta lists the key features, specifications, projects, and mailing list archives for Java EE 7.

JavaOne Sessions 15 more Tech Sessions from JavaOne 2011 are free on Parleys.com.



JavaOne (San Francisco) 2011 Wrap-up Videos Missed JavaOne 2011? Catch up with these two compact wrap-up videos that cover JavaOne excitement, community updates, Oracle leadership, and progress in Java SE, JavaFX, Java EE, Java ME, and Java Cloud.

Java Spotlight Podcast: Jim Weaver on JavaFX 2.0 Listen to this in-depth interview with Java Champion and JavaFX expert Jim Weaver on the state of Java FX 2.0.

Webcast: Oracle Embedded Software for Digital Medical Solutions When working with embedded devices, it helps to know the best techniques that can improve your productivity. This webcast will showyou how Oracle and Java can help you by providing the latest in embedded tools, resources, and developers.

Real Java Geeks Video From the Community Keynote at JavaOne Latin America, a new video for the "Java Life" soundtrack. Code hard! And get out of your cubicles!

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