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Over 120 Oracle Accelerate Solutions Now Available From Oracle Partners

First Oracle Accelerate Solutions to Leverage Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management; Partners Introduce Solutions in New Countries and Industries

April 22, 2008

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Momentum continues for Oracle Accelerate as Oracle today announced 33 new Oracle Accelerate partner solutions, bringing the total number of available solutions to 123. Certified and Certified Advantage Partners in the Oracle(r) PartnerNetwork are now delivering Oracle Accelerate solutions in 18 countries, including newly added Brazil, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, and across 18 industries and 42 industry sub-segments.
Oracle Accelerate partners are now delivering solutions across new industries including healthcare and oil and gas and new industry sub-segments including chemicals, consumables, downstream (oil and gas), electronics contract manufacturing, hard goods, and logistics.
As midsize manufacturers are realizing that having industry-specific Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) capabilities is critical to getting cost-effective, quality products to market quickly, GoEngineer, Inc. is the first partner to launch Oracle Accelerate solutions based on Oracle's Agile PLM.
Oracle partners are delivering Oracle Accelerate solutions that provide the right combination of world-class applications, rapid implementation methodologies, and industry best practices needed to achieve the high-quality deployments.

Rapid, Cost-Effective Implementations for Midsize Organizations

Oracle Accelerate solutions provide midsize organizations with pre-packaged application bundles that offer a wide range of industry-specific functionality and allow for rapid and affordable best-practice implementations. Oracle Accelerate solutions are delivered by partners who have a proven history of delivering solutions to a customer's specific industry and geography.
Customers can have confidence that their Oracle Accelerate solution offers a high quality, complete solution that is easy to implement and allows them to stay on the upgrade path - two critical factors for achieving a return on their investment.
Today, Oracle partners are launching Oracle Accelerate solutions across multiple industries including automotive, chemicals, consumer goods, healthcare, high-tech, industrial manufacturing, life sciences, oil and gas, professional services, retail and travel and transportation.
With this announcement, the following partners have announced their own Oracle Accelerate solutions in their regions and across their respective industries: Alfa Sistemi, BSC Praha, Bluestar, CA, Centric - InOne Central Europe GmbH, DCS, DSS, E-nnovative Solutions, Evosoft Business Relations GmbH, Fujitsu Korea, Ltd, GoEngineer, Inc., IBM, Jardine oneSolution, Jibe Consulting, Kynergy, Ndevr, Oakton, PeopleNow Software, pharmaSol, Quistor, Steltix Nederlands BV, StepWise, Systime, Triniti, and Walar.

Supporting Quotes

"Today, Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions are widely understood to create critical competitive advantages for manufacturers of all sizes. Historically these solutions have been expensive and time-consuming to implement, thereby making them impractical for midsize manufacturers with limited budgets," said GoEngineer, Inc. Vice President, PLM Division, Greg Katai. "Our Oracle Accelerate solutions, based on Oracle's Agile PLM and GoEngineer's efficient and cost-effective Jumpstart(tm) Methodology, allow midsize manufacturers in the high-tech, industrial manufacturing and life sciences industries to benefit from Oracle's world-class PLM capabilities, enabling them to stay ahead of their larger competitors."
"Oracle Accelerate simplifies and speeds deployments, which help reduce cost and risk and helps to make Oracle solutions easier for midsize companies to consume," said Ovum Research Director, Warren Wilson.
"Since August 2007, we've been focused on helping our partners leverage Oracle Accelerate to grow their businesses in the industries and regions where they have expertise. Our hard work and collaboration are paying off as we achieve this milestone of over 120 total Oracle Accelerate partner solutions," said Tony Kender, Oracle Senior Vice President, Global Accelerate Program Office. "With Oracle Accelerate, partners continue to see measurable results by providing high-quality solutions to midsize companies who need to deploy affordable solutions quickly."

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Oracle Accelerate is Oracle's strategy for helping Certified Partners and Certified Advantage Partners provide midsize businesses and government entities with the most complete, easy to own, industry-focused solutions. Oracle Accelerate solutions are application bundles that are developed and can be quickly implemented by qualified partners and provide a wide range of industry-specific functionality. Partners who participate in the Oracle Accelerate program are provided with Oracle Business Accelerators, rapid implementation tools, templates and process flows to enable customers to realize immediate benefit from Oracle Applications.

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