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Oracle Unveils World’s Most Complete, Integrated Application Suite for Insight-Driven Retailing

Oracle® Retail Release 13 Delivers More Insight, Further Integration and Greater Value to Retailers of All Sizes and Across Key Industry Segments

June 17, 2008

News Facts

In response to the dramatic transformation happening in the retail industry, Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle(r) Retail Release 13, the world's most complete and integrated suite of software applications delivered to date for insight-driven retailing.
The result of Oracle's strategic acquisitions of best-of-breed applications as well as its long-term vision for the retail sector, Oracle Retail Release 13 enables retailers in key vertical segments - including fashion, grocery and hardlines - to drive more profitable customer relationships.
Oracle Retail Release 13 helps retailers transform customer-shopping experiences by providing embedded retail intelligence that enables merchants to make better decisions from the supply chain to the stores. For example, the supply chain management capability in Oracle Retail Release 13 links the supply chain from supplier to consumer to help merchants more effectively utilize their capital to provide the right products in the right stores to satisfy consumers, while avoiding unnecessary inventory purchases.
Oracle Retail Release 13 provides an industry standards-based platform that enables retailers to leverage existing IT investments and accelerate business performance with agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness. This helps retailers create short-term value, while pursuing long-term growth and renewal.
Information is key to helping retailers make insight-driven decisions about localized merchandising, optimized assortment plans, store layouts and pricing. Oracle Retail Release 13 helps deliver measurable returns across the entire retail enterprise including stores, merchandising operations, merchandising planning and optimization, and supply chain management.

Key Enhancements in Oracle Retail Release 13

Regular Price Optimization - completes the full life cycle price optimization suite to deliver enhanced margin, sales and customer centric pricing
Merchant Workspace - provides Oracle Retail Release 13 users with single sign-on, dashboard, and reporting capabilities across solutions
Wholesale Functionality - enables retailers with a new channel opportunity to grow market share by selling products to other businesses
Global Performance Capabilities - includes 'Multiple Sets of Books' functionality and Stock Ledger VAT enhancements to assist retailers expanding across global borders
Advanced Security Features - enhances user activity logging and secure implementation documentation to help protect customer information and assist in PCI compliance initiatives

Supporting Quotes

"The retail landscape is transforming such that traditional avenues of value creation alone are no longer viable. To survive, retailers must find new approaches to grow and to increase shareholder value. Delivering Oracle Retail Release 13 marks an important milestone in our ongoing commitment to help transform retail and deliver measurable business value to our customers," said Duncan Angove, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Oracle Retail.
"In preparing Oracle Retail Release 13, we dedicated considerable resources to identify the greatest opportunities for retailers across grocery, fashion, hardlines and emerging markets to deliver near-term value to their business. We believe this creates a unique and compelling value proposition for customers, especially when matching these best-in-class applications with our leading infrastructure software. Oracle Retail Release 13 provides the means to enable insight-driven retailing and fulfils our promise to deliver the industry's most complete, integrated retail application suite," said Dave Boyce, Vice President, Product Strategy, Oracle Retail.

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Oracle is the number one provider of innovative and comprehensive industry software solutions for retailers - enabling organizations to serve their customers better by applying insight into daily business decisions for more profitable results. With software that provides supply chain, operations, merchandising, store systems, optimization as well as enterprise applications and infrastructure software, Oracle partners with the world's leading retail companies, including 20 of the top 20 retailers worldwide, to transform the economics of their businesses.

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