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Shared Health Builds New Clinical Data-Sharing Platform on Oracle Healthcare Solutions and Technology

Shared Health® Clinical Xchange™ Increases Practice Efficiency by 17 Percent with Real-time Access to Vital Patient Data

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., August 28, 2008 05:00 AM

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Shared Health, Inc., one of the nation's largest public/private health information exchanges (HIE), has built its new clinical data-sharing platform, the Shared Health Clinical Xchange, on Oracle healthcare solutions and infrastructure software.
The new platform will greatly expand the types of clinical information - including encounter data, medications, labs, allergies, transcription, radiology reports, vital signs and more - available to clinicians in real-time.
It also helps payers and employers manage proactive and preventive health initiatives while enabling consumers to more easily manage their critical health information.
With real-time access to vital patient data, the Clinical Xchange platform enables physicians to boost practice efficiency by up to 17 percent while making more informed care decisions.
Oracle(r) Healthcare Transaction Base serves as the clinical data repository for the Shared Health Clinical Xchange, providing a highly secure environment and enabling interoperability that allows the exchange to accept and process many different data domains including claims, pharmacy and lab result information.
It also helps the Clinical Xchange support multiple data formats including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Electronic Data Interchange (HIPAA EDI), National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP), Health Level 7 (HL7), Continuity of Care Documents and flat file.
Shared Health's use of Oracle's Healthcare Transaction Base is helping to fulfill the promise of interoperability among disparate healthcare stakeholders. Shared Health is the most comprehensive, commercially available and fully deployed standards-based infrastructure that has arisen from the Health and Human Services (HHS) National Health Information Network prototypes.
Shared Health's Oracle-based service-oriented architecture enables the organization to quickly and effectively add new applications and services to its Clinical Xchange platform including analytics components, patient population modules, disease registry components, and e-prescribing.
Shared Health uses Oracle Identity Management to maintain tight control over access management to help ensure compliance with HIPAA requirements, and has deployed Oracle Real Application Clusters to enable 24/7 availability of the exchange.
Shared Health is also using Oracle BPEL Process Manager for process orchestration, Oracle Healthcare Adapter for NCPDP and HL7 message validation and Oracle B2B for trading partner management.

Supporting Quotes

"The combination of Oracle technology and consulting services resulted in a true partnership that enabled Shared Health to build one of the most comprehensive health information exchanges in the world - which today reaches more than 2 million Tennessee residents. Shared Health Clinical Xchange gives healthcare providers clinically relevant information and tools to improve patient care and physician efficiency," said Jana Skewes, President and Chief Executive Officer, Shared Health, Inc.
"Shared Health has built a sound, sustainable business model that leverages Oracle technology to address real stakeholder problems. The Health Information Exchange is really the by-product of solving business problems and Shared Health Clinical Xchange provides a compelling example of how Oracle solutions are being used to accelerate insights for better health," said Neil de Crescenzo, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Oracle Health Sciences Global Business Unit.

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