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Oracle® Database 11g Global Customer Adoption Continues Across All Industries

Oracle Database 11g Powers Mission Critical Enterprise Applications


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Global customer adoption of Oracle® Database 11g continues across all industries.
Organizations including Eli Lilly and Company, First American Spatial Solutions, Intermap Technologies, and Novartis, among others, have deployed the software to power their critical enterprise applications.
Today’s announcement supports Oracle’s strategy of delivering complete, integrated and end-to-end product suites on an open, standards-based middleware and database architecture. Oracle’s approach helps customers to simplify computing environments, lower cost and risk, and provides greater choice and flexibility.

Mission Critical Deployments

Eli Lilly and Company is utilizing the semantic Web capabilities of Oracle Database 11g to facilitate the integration of data in the company’s pharmaceutical discovery business. Semantic technologies are designed to extend the capabilities of information on the Web and enterprise systems to be networked in meaningful ways.
First American is an international services provider that supplies businesses and consumers with valuable property related information products. First American Spatial Solutions has upgraded its land parcel database – ParcelPoint® – to Oracle Database 11g and the Oracle Spatial option. First American ParcelPoint combines parcel boundaries, address information and other property characteristics with exact latitude and longitude, and currently includes over 100 million land parcels, with a goal of having 110 million, or 80 percent of the nation's parcels, mapped by the end of 2008. The company adopted Oracle Database 11g due to the large volume of spatial data they process and the ability to better integrate their business and spatial data.
Headquartered in Denver, Intermap Technologies is a digital map company creating uniform high-resolution 3D digital models of the earth’s surface. The Company is proactively remapping entire countries and building uniform national databases, called NEXTMap®, consisting of elevation data and geometric images of unprecedented accuracy to be used within commercial applications such as energy, engineering, personal navigation, wireless communications, and insurance risk assessment, among others. Intermap’s data is stored, managed and secured using Oracle Database 11g and the Oracle Spatial option. Intermap’s multi-terabyte database is protected using Oracle Active Data Guard option that replicates transactions to a mirrored system at their disaster recovery site.
Novartis is using the new DICOM data type in Oracle Database 11g as part of a solution for managing a centralized, standardized repository of medical image data during clinical trials. This solution, provided by IBIS Inc., facilitates image and metadata access, reduces costs, and enables data sharing and collaboration.

Supporting Quote

“The semantic Web capabilities of Oracle Database 11g provides improved insight into our business by bringing together related information from diverse data sources," said J. Phil Brooks, Information Consultant, SE Data Team at Eli Lilly and Company.
”The Spatial option of Oracle Database 11g enables First American to maintain the largest and most accurate property location database in the United States,” said Glenn Kronschnabl, CTO, First American Spatial Solutions. “In addition to geographic accuracy, Oracle helps to provide the scalability, security, and spatial analysis capabilities that are essential to our solutions.”
“Intermap’s data is a high resolution, highly accurate spatially referenced elevation model,” said Sue Merrigan, Senior Director, Information Management, Intermap Technologies. “By using Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Spatial, we are able to maintain that high level of accuracy and spatial referencing where all spatial components related to the data are stored in the same object. With Oracle Active Data Guard we maintain 24 by 7 availability to client application services while also making available our physical standby database to customers for read-only access for reports and queries.”
“Customers are adopting Oracle Database 11g to run their core business applications,“ said William Hardie, vice president of Database Product Marketing, Oracle. “The customers highlighted here are excellent examples of innovative features in Oracle Database 11g benefiting business users.”

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