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Oracle Integrates Oracle’s JD Edwards World and Oracle’s Demantra Demand Management

Pre-Built Integration Amplifies Oracle’s JD Edwards World with Advanced Forecasting Capabilities; New User Productivity Kits Now Available

Redwood Shores, CA – September 23, 2008

News Facts

Oracle today announced the general availability of a pre-built Integration between Oracle’s JD Edwards World and Oracle’s Demantra Demand Management.
The new pre-built integration enables JD Edwards World customers to directly benefit from Demantra’s best-in-class demand management functionality integrated with JD Edwards World A9.1.
This announcement further demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to preserving customers' investments in existing Oracle Applications while integrating best-in-class capabilities between Oracle's different product offerings.
Today, Oracle also introduced new User Productivity Kits for JD Edwards World which include pre-built content that documents best practices to help organizations achieve a faster ROI and more efficient and effective knowledge management.
Oracle’s strategy is to deliver complete, integrated and end-to-end product suites on an open, standards-based middleware and database architecture. Oracle’s approach helps customers to simplify computing environments, lower cost and risk, and provides greater choice and flexibility, lower cost and risk, and provides greater choice and flexibility.

Pre-Built Integration Increases Customer Value

The pre-built integration between JD Edwards World and Demantra Demand Management extends the existing demand management capabilities of JD Edwards World with powerful, advanced forecasting capabilities that deliver enterprise-wide value by helping ensure efficient, cost-effective production planning and global supply chain management.
The pre-built integration is available for JD Edwards World release A9.1 and enables organizations to:
Automate the extraction of sales and sales history data from JD Edwards World into Oracle’s Demantra;
Leverage Oracle’s Demantra to perform sophisticated analytics and advanced forecasting calculations to create highly accurate demand forecasts;
Apply forecast information back into JD Edwards World Requirements Planning applications to help eliminate latency in decision-making by focusing on excellence in demand visibility, improving forecast accuracy, and shaping demand.

User Productivity Kits Help Companies Standardize on Best Practices

Built for JD Edwards World Release A9.1, User Productivity Kits include pre-built content that documents best-practices and can be easily customized to match an organization’s requirements.
With these User Productivity Kits, organizations can:
Reduce the time and cost involved in creating training programs and guides to educate users on JD Edwards World software functions;
Create, implement and document highly effective, standard processes and procedures based on the best- practices of leading organizations around the world;
Access testing scripts for the upgrade process. Projects teams can also create test scripts to help test their applications and the User Productivity Kit Developer can modify test scripts to match an organization’s unique system usage.
In addition, with User Productivity Kits, companies can overcome training and support obstacles by:
Leveraging training, support documentation, and delivery across the entire enterprise;
Providing sophisticated content that can be modified and deployed without IT expertise;
Offering multiple deployment options that are suited to varied organizational infrastructures;
Increasing user acceptance, decreasing support costs, and enhancing productivity.

Oracle Customer Services

Oracle Customer Services provides complete coverage of the JD Edwards World A9.1 and Oracle’s Demantra Demand Management with the world's leading portfolio of IT lifecycle-based service and support offerings. Oracle Customer Services is focused on helping customers maximize their success with Oracle solutions while lowering the total cost of ownership through continued advances in providing personalized, proactive support and knowledge management capabilities.

Supporting Quotes

“Oracle’s latest offerings for JD Edwards World demonstrate the company’s commitment to extending the World platform in ways that matter to its customers,” said Andrews Consulting Group Senior Industry Analyst, Lee Kroon. “With Demantra Demand Management, enterprises will find it easier to respond to changing customer demands with greater agility while reducing inventory and distribution costs. For many manufacturing and distribution firms, such capabilities have become today’s requirements for staying in business rather than tomorrow’s goals. As such, we expect that World customers will take great interest in what Oracle is delivering today.”
“JD Edwards World pre-built content for the User Productivity Kit (UPK) allows us to efficiently deploy consistent training throughout our organization,” says Karl Schosser, Vice President of Information Technology Services, Hunt Companies. “UPK pre-built content provides time and resource savings and documents best practices which enables our employees to educate themselves on the functionality of the software. We can easily edit the content to match our processes and business needs.”

General Availability

The pre-built integration between Oracle’s JD Edwards World A9.1 and Oracle’s Demantra Demand Management is currently available.
The User Productivity Kits with pre-built Oracle’s JD Edwards World content are currently available.

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