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Leading Metropolitan Transportation Organizations Deploy Oracle Applications and Technology to Improve Operations

Redwood Shores, CA - March 3, 2009

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· Five leading metropolitan transportation organizations – Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) in San Francisco, Denver Regional Transit District (RTD), Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA), Pace in Chicago and St. Louis Metro – are leveraging Oracle to improve business processes and more effectively serve customers.
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), which provides commuter train service throughout the San Francisco and Oakland metropolitan areas, implemented Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Human Capital Management including Human Resources and Payroll to help efficiently manage the transit district’s staffing operations. BART now has better accountability of employee absences and reported time – ultimately helping to improve workforce management and ensure staff is on-hand to provide a positive, reliable travel experience for customers. In addition, BART has reduced payroll errors and adjustments by 90% and streamlined the number of payrolls each month from 54 to 26. Further, BART was able to train 3,200 employees to use the system, ultimately resulting in an overall increase in employee productivity. BART hopes to achieve a return on investment of $51 million.
Denver Regional Transit District (RTD), which serves 2.6 million people in eight counties surrounding Denver, deployed Oracle® E-Business Suite to eliminate antiquated systems and improve efficiency to support the organization’s expected growth due to an extensive 12-year expansion project. By implementing various modules in Oracle Financials, Oracle Inventory Management and Oracle Human Resources, Denver RTD has improved system agility, reduced paper-based processes, gained more insight into labor costs and repair tracking and improved security. After completing the implementation, Denver RTD was named the Best Transit Agency in North America in 2008 by the American Public Transportation Association (APTA).
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA), the 27th largest transit agency in the United States and APTA’s 2007 Best Transit Agency in North America, worked with AST Corporation to implement Oracle Inventory Management, Oracle iStore, Oracle iPayment and Oracle iSupplier Portal to help ensure accurate tracking of fare media sales. By integrating the fare media sales system with its existing Oracle Financials application, GCRTA created a one-step process to automatically interface shipped items to accounts receivables and print invoices. GCRTA can now track the inventory of unsold fare media and instantly view fare media sales figures. It can also accept orders for fare media directly into Oracle Applications, including convenient online payments, resulting in a timely, accurate accounts receivable record for fare media sales and better service for transit riders. GCRTA’s online payments are compliant with current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, which are guidelines to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud, hacking and various other security vulnerabilities and threats.
Pace, the suburban bus arm of the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) in Chicago and one of the largest bus services in North America, worked with Booz Allen Hamilton to implement Oracle Financials, the first module in a five phase implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, which is ultimately scheduled to replace more than 25 existing core business systems to enhance efficiency and help improve service to bus riders. Pace chose Oracle to standardize on best practices and improve integration with the other two RTA transit systems, which also use Oracle Applications. With Oracle Fixed Asset Management, Oracle Revenue Management, Oracle Enterprise Asset Management and Oracle Customer Relationship Management, Pace plans to minimize the number of interfaces among the transit systems’ enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and gain the ability to manage government subsidies as well as fare revenue. When Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 is fully deployed, Pace will have one authoritative source of data, allowing the organization to track information – from financial data to key operations figures such as ridership numbers – to make more informed business decisions. Pace also deployed Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher) to eliminate its reliance on multiple reporting solutions and enable more flexible, simplified reporting. The organization uses Oracle Real Application Clusters to provide continuous uptime for its database applications.
St. Louis Metro, which operates bus and light rail service throughout the metropolitan region and, in Summer 2008, won a Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Urban Transit Excellence Award for its significant increase in ridership this year, worked with Dell to implement Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle VM to unify data and establish a reliable disaster recovery system for its Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite and other mission-critical applications. The organization was able to migrate its primary databases to a cluster environment, reducing the number of databases from 15 to four and consolidating the number of servers from approximately 100 to just 20. The organization also deployed Oracle Data Guard, a component of Oracle Database, to create standby databases to protect the organization from failures, disasters, errors and corruptions. St. Louis Metro’s Oracle infrastructure also helps reduce downtime overall. This was especially important for the organization’s HASTUS system – a system developed by Giro that leverages Oracle infrastructure software to manage employee data, route and roster information, hours, vacation time and absences for 900 employees – as well as its Oracle Financials and Human Resources applications.

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“Oracle E-Business Suite has become the way we do business. It provides a strong foundation that has allowed us to eliminate our outdated systems and create a flexible, sustainable system that will support our current transit system expansion and help us continue to deliver superior service in the future,” said Phil Washington, assistant general manager, Denver Regional Transit District.
“We have used Oracle Financials since 1993 which is a positive statement in itself considering all the technology and business changes we have had to accommodate,” said Hamid Montaghi, chief information officer, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.
“Oracle has helped us integrate fare media sales to create a more efficient process for us and improve the rider experience, and we were able to complete the project on time and on budget,” said GCRTA Project Manager Glenn Hendrix.
“We serve tens of thousands of riders daily and needed a solution to help improve efficiency and service. With Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, we have been able to establish one authoritative source of data for better decision making and eliminate shadow systems to minimize data redundancy,” said Terence Brannon, deputy executive director, Pace.
“Oracle delivers the reliable applications and database technology BART, Denver Regional Transit District, Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, Pace and St. Louis Metro need to support their premier transit options,” said Mark Johnson, senior vice president, Oracle Public Sector.

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