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Oracle Delivers World Record Java Virtual Machine Performance for Windows with SPECjbb2005 Benchmark

Oracle® JRockit on HP ProLiant Server Outperforms Competition

Redwood Shores, CA - March 16, 2009

News Facts

Today, Oracle announced that Oracle® JRockit, Java Virtual Machine (JVM), achieved a world-record Windows result on the SPECjbb2005 benchmark,(1) an industry-standard measurement of server-side Java-based application performance.
In addition to being the new world record on Windows, this benchmark result also sets a new world record on AMD Opteron™ processor-based systems, and outperforms all other 8-socket systems using competing JVMs.(2)
Oracle JRockit delivered 1,181,782 SPECjbb2005 bops, running on an HP ProLiant DL785 G5 server, the newest addition to the award-winning HP ProLiant product line, with eight quad-core AMD Opteron 2.7 GHz processors, 64 GB RAM and Microsoft Windows 2008, surpassing a result using the Sun JVM(3) on a near-identical system by nearly 14 percent, and a similarly sized IBM Power system using the IBM JVM(4) by 36 percent.
Oracle JRockit integrates technology from Oracle Fusion Middleware and BEA Systems and illustrates the rapid progress that Oracle is making in combining industry-leading technologies from the two companies into a unified product offering.
The Oracle JRockit family of products, a key component of Oracle Fusion Middleware, provides a comprehensive portfolio of Java runtime solutions that includes the industry's fastest solution for standard Java. (5) Oracle JRockit is a high performance Java Virtual Machine developed to help ensure reliability, scalability, manageability and flexibility for Java applications. Oracle JRockit enables a new level of performance for Java applications at significantly lower costs to the enterprise.
SPECjbb2005 (Java Server Benchmark) developed by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, is a benchmark for evaluating the performance of server side Java. SPECjbb2005 evaluates the performance of server side Java by emulating a three-tier client/server system (with emphasis on the middle tier). The benchmark exercises the implementations of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), JIT (Just-In-Time) compiler, garbage collection, threads and some aspects of the operating system. It also measures the performance of CPUs, caches, memory hierarchy and the scalability of shared memory processors (SMPs).

Supporting Quotes

“This world record Windows benchmark result is further validation that Oracle JRockit is the world’s fastest Java Virtual Machine and demonstrates Oracle’s commitment to improve our customer’s total cost of ownership by providing excellent performance on commodity hardware,” said Juan Loaiza, senior vice president, Systems Technology, Oracle. “Oracle continues to set the bar above the competition and delivers a new level of performance for Java applications to Oracle Fusion Middleware customers.”
“Organizations looking for superior performance and an aggressive total cost of ownership, can rely on the HP ProLiant,” said Lorraine Bartlett, director of server marketing, Business Critical Systems, HP. “The scalability of the HP ProLiant DL785, combined with Oracle JRockit, delivers a platform that helps ensure Java-based applications run both reliably and cost-effectively.”
“This impressive world record on Windows Server 2008 demonstrates Oracle and AMD’s joint collaboration to optimize Java performance. It serves as a powerful proof point of the excellent TCO that can be obtained when running Oracle JRockit JVM on servers powered by the new 45nm Quad-Core AMD Opteron processor,” said Earl Stahl, vice president, Software Development, AMD.

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Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.
SPEC, SPECjbb are registered trademarks of Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. All results from as of March 15, 2009.
1. 1181782 SPECjbb2005 bops, 147723 SPECjbb2005 bops/JVM, HP DL785 G3, 8x AMD Opteron 8384, 64 GB RAM, Microsoft Windows 2008, Oracle JRockit 6 P28.0.0.
2. Compared to all results available on
3. 1037851 SPECjbb2005 bops, 129731 SPECjbb2005 bops/JVM, Sun Fire X4600 M2, 8x AMD Opteron 8384, 128 GB RAM, Sun Solaris 10, Sun HotSpot 1.6.0_06 Performance Release
4. 867989 SPECjbb2005 bops, 108499 SPECjbb2005 bops/JVM, IBM Power 570, 8x IBM POWER6 5.0 GHz, 128 GB RAM, IBM AIX 6.1, IBM J9 2.4 AIX
5. SPECjbb2005 bops world record holder since April 2006 based on results available from

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