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Customers Select Oracle® Exadata for Extreme Performance of Data Warehouse and OLTP Applications

Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, Calif. – October 13, 2009

News Facts

Customers across the globe have chosen Oracle® Exadata to deliver extreme performance for their data warehousing and online transaction processing (OLTP) environments.
The Oracle Exadata product family includes Oracle Database Machine and Oracle Exadata Storage Server with Oracle Exadata Storage Server software.
Announced on September 15, 2009, Oracle Exadata V2 was developed with Sun Microsystems.
The following organizations are among those that have selected Oracle Exadata: Amtrak, Allegro Group, Automobile Association of the UK, Banca Transilvania, CTC, Garanti Bank, Generale de Sante, Giant Eagle, HISCOM (Hokuriku Coca Cola), Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd/National Healthcare Group, Singapore, KnowledgeBase Marketing, Loyalty Partner Solutions, M-Tel, MTN Group, Nagase, NS Solutions, NTT Data, OK Systems, Philippines Savings Bank, Research in Motion, SoftBank Mobile, Screwfix, Thomson Reuters, True Corporation Plc, TUI and Yamazaki Baking.

Oracle Exadata V2 Increases Oracle’s Performance and Price-Performance Leadership

The Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression in Oracle Exadata V2 delivers industry leading 10x average table compression for data warehouse data; with corresponding increase in table scan performance.
This latest version also features Exadata Smart Flash Cache, the industry’s first intelligent integration of flash with a database, delivering over 1 million I/Os per second and enabling extreme OLTP; plus consolidation of data warehouse and OLTP workloads onto the same system.
Boost Productivity - The application includes Task Optimization tools that allow utilities to reduce the number of steps and associated "clicks" in their most common processes - improving efficiency and ensuring consistency in task execution. The Task Optimization tools allow utilities to model their business processes, including configuring their own user interfaces, to suit their unique work processes and needs, while ensuring all data entered is properly validated for accuracy. This enables the system to be even more intuitive and user friendly, helping to reduce required training and improve productivity and efficiency.
With Oracle Exadata V2, Oracle Exadata Storage Servers now deliver 50 Gigabytes per second of raw, uncompressed I/O bandwidth; approximately 5x greater than major competitors and 2-3x better on a price/performance basis.

Supporting Quotes

“Banca Transilvania has a long history and strong partnership with Oracle. We expect that the 30 times performance improvement of the Oracle Database Machine will enable faster access to business information and will allow us to launch new products exactly when the market needs them, which will be a direct benefit to our customers.” -- Marius Ursuti, Director IT, Banca Transilvania
"We saw significant improvements in the tests we did on Exadata. The minimum improvement was 27x with an average of 470x improvement on the queries we tested compared to our current system. This was achieved with no tuning and after removing all indexes. In fact, eliminating indexes is going to save us on half the disk capacity." -- Mark Win, Director, Business Intelligence, Integrated Health Information Systems Pte Ltd/National Healthcare Group, Singapore
"We chose Oracle Exadata because they could deliver a complete system that is simple and fast to implement, very cost-effective, and scalable as our data warehouse grows," said Suwicha Pornawalai, Director of Information Technology (Application), True Corporation Plc. "The Oracle Database Machine and Exadata Storage Servers can help us tap deeper into our customer database in a cost efficient manner. In doing so, we are able to better understand our customers and develop innovative products and services that best fit their usage behavior. The Oracle Database Machine helps us enhance customers' satisfaction with a 360-degree view of customers across our five businesses: TrueMove, TrueOnline, TrueVisions, TrueMoney, and TrueLife."
"TUI chose the Sun Oracle Database Machine because it was the only platform that would meet both our needs for all of our database requirements, including OLTP, as well as be the best platform for a high performance data warehouse. The performance and scalability of the Sun Oracle Database Machine will allow our business users to provide all answers for complex queries which will result in a higher service level and a more efficient unique selling proposition for our business." -- Eli Lysen, Senior Manager ICT, TUI
"This is further proof that Oracle Exadata has revolutionized the data warehouse industry,” said Willie Hardie, vice president of Database Product Marketing, Oracle. “V2 with its intelligent Exadata Smart Flash Cache will do the same for our customers OLTP applications."

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