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HP Fails to Get Interim Measures in France

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., January 10, 2012 –

Oracle issued the following statement today:


"It is not surprising the French Competition Authority flatly rejected HP's request for Interim Measures as it became clear during the proceedings that HP knew full well that Intel had decided to ‘end-of-life’ the Itanium chip in favor of Xeon.  Oracle has acted in the best interest of consumers by telling the truth as HP has attempted to hide Itanium's real fate from customers in order to protect its own profits.  The full story will become public in April when HP's litigation in California proceeds to trial, as the U.S. Courts force full disclosure of all of HP's documents.  At that point, HP will have to figure out how to reconcile its statements regarding Itanium to Competition Authorities and to its own customers with its own very clear internal documents," said Thomas Vinje, Clifford Chance, attorney for Oracle.

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