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Leading Communications and Media Companies Choose Oracle to Optimize Incentive-Based Compensation Programs

Redwood Shores, CA – July 29, 2010

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In order to maintain a competitive edge in the communications and media industries, several prominent service providers and media companies are leveraging Oracle Incentive Compensation, a key component of the Oracle E-Business Suite, to hire and retain the best salespeople, ensure accuracy in incentive payouts and quickly adjust business plans based on changing market dynamics.

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Cox Communications, the nation’s third-largest cable television company, implemented Oracle Incentive Compensation to provide a standardized and fully-automated compensation management solution for 18 cable systems and headquarters operations. The company gained the flexibility to handle current compensation plan complexities, as well as retention and promotional programs, to remain competitive. By integrating with Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise Payroll, Cox now has the ability to improve commission process efficiency for 12,000 communications services sales and field service professionals. Cox created a single source of compensation data, allowing for an effective evaluation of the company’s compensation plans and reducing the time required to manage the biweekly compensation process from a full week to just a few days.
PAETEC Holding Corp., which delivers personalized communications solutions and service to more than 40,000 business-class customers nationwide, turned to Oracle Incentive Compensation to support complex compensation plans for the company’s unique sales process, which requires representatives to design a custom communications service plan and price for each customer. By automating 90% of the company’s 70 compensation plans, Oracle Incentive Compensation enables PAETEC to make adjustments to its compensation plans throughout the year based on progress toward sales targets and changes in market conditions, ensuring the company reaches its revenue goals. PAETEC increased its recruitment competitiveness because it can offer the best compensation plans to its sales representatives.

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“By automating our compensation process with Oracle Incentive Compensation, we have significantly reduced administrative costs, ensured the accuracy of commissions and facilitated auditing procedures. Additionally, the ability to make modifications to support new promotions and other programs enables us to maintain our competitive advantage in the increasingly competitive broadband communications market,” said Jackson Davis, senior manager, enterprise solutions, Cox Communications.
“Oracle Incentive Compensation has not only made our incentive compensation process more mature, but also improved our bottom line. We have the ability to react to market conditions and sales projections by quickly changing compensation plans throughout the year to maximize sales productivity and revenue,” said Daniel Miller, vice president of sales operations, PAETEC Holding Corp.
“Communications and media companies constantly strive for a competitive edge, and many have found it with Oracle Incentive Compensation. By streamlining their incentive-based compensation processes, companies can curtail administrative errors, provide the agility required to react to dynamic markets and improve the bottom line by growing sales,” said Dan Ford, vice president of product marketing, Oracle Communications.

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