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What Oracle’s ISV and OEM Partners Are Saying about Achieving Oracle Exastack Optimized Certification Status

June 26, 2012

Adaptive TechSoft’s Professional Services Manager, Mahmoud Yaseen

“With Oracle Exadata Optimized and Oracle Exalogic Optimized, we’ve demonstrated an ability to provide eRegister 5.0 portal users with 5 times better performance via Oracle Exadata Database Machine software features, the ability to use up to 50 percent less storage by leveraging Hybrid Columnar Compression a key feature of Oracle Exadata Database Machine.”

CMC Limited’s Global Head, Insurance Industry Practice, Rathin Ray

“As part of the Oracle Exastack Program, we tested and tuned our application on Oracle Exadata Database Machine so that our insurance customers can efficiently manage huge volumes of insurance data with low resource utilization. As a result, customers benefit from a scalable, reliable and high-performance platform that allows them to scale to support spikes in transactions.”

cVidya Networks’ CEO, Alon Aginsky

“With Oracle Exadata Optimized status, we are equipped to differentiate our offering and gain a competitive advantage. Oracle Exadata Database Machine is ideal for our large customers and prospects who require speed, efficiency and scalability to manage their data complexities.”

IBIS’ CTO, Raj Krish

“Combining the rich functionality of IBISimg with the linear scalability of Oracle Exadata Database Machine delivers a platform that can transform medical image data management into a state-of-the-art, technology-driven enterprise.”

Kalido’s VP Products and Services, Nigel Turner

“Running Kalido on Oracle Exadata Database Machine helps enable our customers to get the rapid time to value provided by a Kalido warehouse at a scale and performance never before possible. We are pleased to have demonstrated this performance through our achievement of Oracle Exadata Optimized.”

Kiman Solutions’ COO, Leonard Maia

“We saw up to 24 to 40 times increases in performance in some queries with Oracle Exadata Database Machine. With this huge increase, KIPREV could process the daily new pensions and funds for the entire Brazilian private market in less than 2 hours.”

Neuralitic Systems’ Chief Operating Officer & Founder, Louis Brun

“Oracle Exadata Database Machine is an enabler for supporting higher data rates which is a priority for us. This is a very important part of our business because mobile data is growing exponentially.”

Perfomix, Inc.’s CEO, Celestine Vettical

“Achieving Oracle Exadata Optimized status for PetroSocial Drilling & Production Performance Management Products Suite 2.0. demonstrates to our large and midsize oil customers that our applications have been tested and tuned to deliver maximum performance and scalability. This helps enable geologists, drilling engineers and asset teams to use highly granular near real-time data for more proactive decisions, faster and safer drilling and to increase asset performance.”

Polaris Financial Technology Ltd.’s CTO, Shashi Mohan

"Combined offerings of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Polaris’ Intellect GoTx will simplify large financial institutions need for a 24x7, cloud ready, highly scalable, available, reliable, high volume OLTP Infrastructure for hosting their trading platforms.”

Sage ERP X3’s VP Product & Alliances, Benoît Gruber

“Oracle Exadata Optimized allows us to offer mid-sized companies a powerful, high performing technology with low TCO. In addition, the power of the Oracle Exadata Database Machine provides customers with high performance and scalability to support long term growth and expansion.”

TEMENOS’ T24 Performance Manager, Simon Henman

“Running on Oracle Exadata Database Machine, we’ve achieved the highest throughput of our T24 product on Oracle, at least twice as fast as any previous performance test. T24 seems ideally suited to run on the Oracle Exadata Database Machine.”

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