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Oracle Unveils Oracle Tuxedo 12c

New Release Offers the Most Comprehensive Feature Set for the Development, Deployment, and Management of C/C++/COBOL Applications in the Data Center and in the Cloud

Redwood Shores, CA – July 31, 2012

News Facts

Oracle today announced Oracle Tuxedo 12c, the latest edition of the industry's #1 application server for conventional and cloud-based C/C++/COBOL applications.
Optimized to run on Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud and tightly integrated with Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, Oracle Tuxedo 12c provides mainframe-class scalability and performance for mission critical enterprise applications.
Oracle Tuxedo 12c introduces the new Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue 12c, which provides transaction management, enhanced performance and improved availability of enterprise messaging applications.
Oracle Tuxedo 12c delivers innovative features, development tools and product enhancements to help lower the total cost of ownership of existing Tuxedo applications and reduce time-to-market for new application development.
With the introduction of Oracle Tuxedo 12c, along with the new and enhanced Oracle Tuxedo products, Oracle offers the most comprehensive solution for the development, rehosting and deployment of C/C++/COBOL applications in traditional data centers, engineered systems and enterprise clouds.

With Oracle Tuxedo 12c Customers Can:

Run Mission Critical, Conventional and Enterprise Cloud C/C++/COBOL, Applications
Achieve increased performance and lowered latency through Oracle Exalogic optimizations: Shared memory for inter-process communication provides an 8x increase in throughput and lowers response time by 80 percent for Oracle Tuxedo applications, irrespective of deployment topology.
Support for multiple application types: Oracle Tuxedo 12c is the only application server that allows for optimized, co-existence of C, C++, COBOL, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby applications.
Dynamic provisioning and automatic scaling in the cloud: Oracle Tuxedo applications can be dynamically provisioned and deployed, and automatically scaled up or down within a private cloud environment.
Improve Operational Efficiency with State of the Art Management
Monitor and manage full application stack: Oracle TSAM 12c is now integrated with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, enabling customers to monitor and manage Oracle Tuxedo and its applications, as well as other Oracle applications, from a single console.
Improve productivity and avoid downtime: With business transaction monitoring for cross-product applications and the ability to run more than one version of the same application side-by-side, Oracle Tuxedo 12c reduces diagnostic time and allows application upgrades without system downtime, to help customers maintain a 24x7 operation schedule.
Lower total cost of ownership: New capabilities allow for more efficient workload management across applications based on actual machine usage, within or across domains. Configuration wizards reduce deployment time for new applications.
Accelerate Time to Market with Developer Efficiency Innovations
Enhanced application development capabilities: Customers can develop Oracle Tuxedo applications using Java and leverage the new Oracle Tuxedo integrated development environment plug-in for Oracle Solaris Studio to develop C/C++ applications.
Third-party application integration: Through an easy-to-use configuration tool for deploying Web services, Oracle Tuxedo 12c makes it easy to connect with third-party applications. In addition, it provides a configuration only approach to access Oracle Tuxedo applications from Oracle SOA Suite through Java Connector Architecture (JCA) based integration.
Enhanced Security: With an enhanced security framework, Oracle Tuxedo 12c applications can be integrated with various security providers to provide improved application security.

Supporting Quotes

“To meet the increasing demands of conventional and cloud-based applications, organizations need a modern and open platform that can deliver mainframe-class scale and performance,” said Frank Xiong, vice president, Software Development, Oracle. “With Oracle Tuxedo 12c and the new and enhanced Oracle Tuxedo products, current and new customers can cost-effectively take advantage of high-performing business-critical applications to increase productivity and reduce costs. In addition, the optimized integration between Oracle Tuxedo 12c and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, provides tremendous improvements in application performance, elastic scalability to accommodate load fluctuations and simplified provisioning delivered in a cloud environment.”
“Oracle Tuxedo on Oracle Exalogic provided better than expected performance for our GTX application. GTX is a mission-critical financial messaging application, which requires high level of reliability and scalability. Oracle Tuxedo on Oracle Exalogic not only meets these requirements, this configuration also lowers overall TCO,” said Etienne Savatier, International Sales & Partnerships Director, Sterci.

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