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Oracle Partners Develop New Oracle Accelerate Solutions for Midsize Organizations to Address the Growing Customer Experience Imperative

Oracle Accelerate Packaged Solutions Cater to the Needs of Growing Businesses

Redwood Shores, Calif. – October 24, 2012

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To help midsize organizations around the world address the growing customer experience imperative by taking advantage of modern, best-in-class applications, Oracle Partners have unveiled new Oracle Accelerate solutions tailored by industry, geography and product line that empower fast-growing companies to rapidly adopt Oracle Applications.
Oracle Accelerate is Oracle’s partner-driven approach to providing simple to deploy, fast time to benefit solutions for midsize organizations. Oracle Accelerate solutions offer industry-specific applications, implemented rapidly using Oracle Business Accelerators and delivered with the proven expertise of a global network of skilled partners via Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).
To capitalize on the strong demand for enterprise-class applications, 30 partners have created 38 new industry- and geography-specific Oracle Accelerate solutions over the past six months.

Oracle Accelerate Program Expands as Partners Meet the Midsize Demand for Modern Application Solutions

Oracle Accelerate solution providers continue to expand offerings to meet the midsize demand for powerful, modern applications at a low total cost of ownership.
Bolstered by a variety of deployment options, including cloud, on-premise, hosted and hybrid, and the availability of packaged solutions that reduce implementation time and risk, midsize organizations are increasingly adopting enterprise-class applications to scale and grow with their business, while also implementing solutions that help to ensure the delivery of exceptional customer experiences.
Partners continue to deliver innovative solutions that meet the pressing needs of growing businesses, including some of the first partner developed solutions for Oracle Customer Experience using Oracle ATG Web Commerce.
With customer experience a top priority for organizations of all sizes, North America’s Professional Access and EMEA’s e2x Limited have developed new Oracle Accelerate solutions for Oracle ATG Web Commerce, including the first tailored for the communications and retail industries.
Partners realized a greater demand for enterprise-class applications to support growth and competitive advantage among European organizations, with new Oracle Accelerate solutions for ERP, financial management, commerce and CRM.
Partners have capitalized on the need for packaged solutions that speed time-to-value by developing the first solutions for:
The Oil & Gas industry in APAC and Latin America
Wholesale distribution in Latin America
Oracle Business Intelligence Applications for the financial service industry in APAC by partner AbbuSys PVT Limited
New Oracle Accelerate solution providers include Professional Access (North America); AbbuSys PVT Limited and CSA Consultants Pvt Limited (APAC); e2x Limited (EMEA); and Premier Soluciones de Centroamerica S.A and Synergy Work Ltda. (Latin America).

Supporting Quotes

“Joining the Oracle Accelerate program is the best business decision e2x has made,” said James Spalding, managing director, e2x Limited. “The high standards and rigorous process to approve RoadRunner, our Oracle Accelerate solution for the retail market, underlie the quality Oracle requires for Oracle Accelerate solutions. The stringent requirements help us engage with new and existing clients in a focused way that demonstrates a fast time to business benefit for our clients and incremental revenue for e2x and Oracle.”
“Our clients value fast, simple implementations to get up and running on mission-critical Oracle applications quickly,” said CA Manoj Mani Agrawal, director, CSA Consultants Pvt. Ltd. “CSA Consultants' Oracle Accelerate Solution leverages the cloud configuration capabilities of Oracle Business Accelerators, enabling Oracle customers to go live with industry leading best practices more quickly than with traditional implementations.”
“Delivering a personalized, consistent cross-channel approach is particularly important as digital dominates and social becomes increasingly significant,” said Chip Winslow, executive vice president Global Sales & Marketing, Professional Access. “We developed Oracle Accelerate solutions for Oracle ATG Web Commerce specifically for the communications and soft retail industries so customers can quickly implement dynamic, enterprise-class applications that power the high-touch customer experience.”
“Manufacturers require specialized tools to optimize business operations, and fast adoption is a significant advantage for companies with limited resources,” said Rodrigo Vargas, executive director, Synergy Work Ltda. “With our new Oracle Accelerate solution, midsize companies in the Oil and Gas industry can implement Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne faster than ever, enabling organizations to focus their efforts on growth – rather than managing technology.”
“Around the world, midsize businesses are finding that modern applications and enterprise-class technology empower them to streamline operations, improve efficiencies, capitalize on growth and improve the customer experience,” said Steve Cox, vice president, Oracle Accelerate for Midsize Companies. “With more partners worldwide delivering packaged, easy-to-implement solutions, growing businesses have more opportunity than ever to upgrade to Tier 1 applications that will meet their expanding business needs. Only Oracle, via the Oracle Accelerate program, has the solution set that can enable midsize organizations to modernize their ERP footprint, while simultaneously addressing the customer experience imperative.”

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