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Oracle Announces Oracle Marketing Cloud’s New Life Sciences Consumer and Patient Solution

Oracle Marketing Cloud solution helps marketers in life sciences field improve consumer and patient marketing effectiveness while addressing compliance concerns

Redwood Shores, Calif. – February 5, 2015 – To help life sciences organizations overcome marketing challenges and implement modern marketing technology that enhances customer and patient engagement, Oracle has unveiled Oracle Marketing Cloud's new life sciences consumer and patient solution.

The cost and complexity of HIPAA legislation compliance has had a significant impact on the adoption of modern marketing practices within life sciences organizations. Not only can this have a negative impact on the customer experience that life sciences organizations can provide, but as a recent Oracle and Forrester study found, it also can impact overall business performance.

The latest addition to Oracle Marketing Cloud helps marketers in life sciences organizations increase marketing efficiency and drive revenue by supporting the design and delivery of personalized communications across all channels. This new offering is a secure and scalable solution designed to give marketers in the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries the ability to develop highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns while adhering to strict HIPAA requirements.

“In today’s complex and hyper-connected world, marketers must go beyond traditional single-channel marketing approaches to address each industry’s set of unique marketing challenges,” said John Stetic, group vice president, Products, Oracle Marketing Cloud. “We’ve leveraged our deep knowledge of the life sciences industry to develop a multichannel marketing solution that helps life sciences marketers reduce compliance complexity while creating meaningful and effective customer and patient engagements.”

To help life sciences marketers address compliance concerns, the new solution seamlessly integrates workflow and approvals processes with advanced encryption to protect sensitive information. It also captures audit trails of all customer communication in line with HIPAA guidelines.

To reduce complexity and help organizations achieve rapid time to value, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s new life sciences solution includes prebuilt data models and customized campaign templates based on industry best practices, as well as specialist workflow features.

This modern marketing solution leverages the advanced targeting and segmentation capabilities of Oracle Marketing Cloud to help marketers reach actively engaged audiences and establish a digital dialogue with customers and patients.

"At Jackson Healthcare, we seek a participative dialogue with hospital executives, physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and policymakers,” said Keith Jennings, director of Marketing and Content Strategy, Jackson Healthcare. “Oracle Marketing Cloud gives us a systemic infrastructure for distributing and measuring content in ways that propel our strategy and storytelling."

Oracle Marketing Cloud's new life sciences consumer and patient solution builds on Oracle’s existing expertise in life sciences and healthcare marketing technology, which includes Oracle Marketing Cloud's life Sciences professionals solution, and adds further depth to Oracle’s portfolio of industry-specific marketing solutions. Oracle Marketing Cloud now has industry-specific marketing solutions for manufacturing, wealth management, insurance, asset management, entertainment, nonprofits, and life sciences. Each industry product is developed with the industry user in mind, incorporating marketing, content, and data analysis best practices.

Key benefits include:

Simplified marketing compliance: The new Oracle Marketing Cloud solution for life sciences enables marketers to quickly and easily deploy compliant digital communications across all channels with custom approvals built into workflow and archived copies of all communications.
Enhanced customer insight: Marketers can build a database of customer information and track the effectiveness of campaigns to enhance customer and patient understanding and provide deep insights into campaign performance while remaining compliant to HIPAA regulations.
Optimized campaign management and execution: An intuitive user interface specifically designed for the life sciences industry makes it simple to create campaigns, landing pages, and forms, as well as to automate e-mail and content marketing programs.
Rapid campaign execution: Oracle’s proven methodology and prepackaged best-practice templates for eDetailing, medical education events, formulary approval, and online product education campaigns reduce complexity and ensure rapid time to market for marketing campaigns.
Fast and accurate targeting: Advanced targeting and segmentation capabilities enable life sciences marketers to enhance customer engagement and improve marketing effectiveness by delivering relevant and targeted content to the right audience, via the best channel.
Access to knowledge: With the industry’s largest marketing technology ecosystem, which includes the Oracle Marketing Cloud Topliners community, customers can leverage insights and the experience from Oracle Marketing Cloud’s broad user base to align with best practices and refine marketing campaigns for greater effectiveness.

Additional Information

The new consumer- and patient-focused marketing solution will be showcased during a live webcast starting at 11 am PST/2 pm EST on Wednesday, March 4, 2015. To register for the webcast, go to
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