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What the Industry is Saying about Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive

Quote Sheet

Redwood Shores, Calif. – January 31, 2011


"Fujifilm is pleased to have partnered with Oracle to bring to market the highest capacity tape drive in the industry. Fujifilm is paving the way with Barium Ferrite technology, which enables higher recording density with the proven reliability and stability expected from long-term archive media. Oracle’s adoption of this advanced media shows their strong commitment to tape innovation.”

-- Norio Shibata, General Manager, Recording Media Division


“Brocade and Oracle are leveraging our long-standing, strategic partnership to deliver high capacity and performance tape solutions for our mutual back-up/restore and archive customers. Brocade storage networking solutions are qualified with the new StorageTek T100000C tape drive to supply tape infrastructure that protects our customers’ data and enables shorter backup windows.”

-- Doug Ingraham, Vice President of Product Management, Data Center Products


“At CERN we currently store 40 petabytes of data and expect to add another 25 petabytes of new data each year, so having a cost-effective, scalable and reliable storage infrastructure is of the utmost importance. We are currently testing the new Oracle StorageTek T10000C tape drive and expect it to meet our requirements while its unprecedented capacity and throughput will lead to additional cost savings.”

-- Vladimir Bahyl, Tape Service Manager

The Clipper Group

“With the announcement of the StorageTek T10000C tape drive, Oracle has leap-frogged the competition for tape supremacy, both mid-range (LTO) and enterprise class (proprietary). The 5TB cartridge has the potential to significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for archival systems, reducing floor space and cartridge count by 70 percent as compared to LTO-5, and by 80 percent when compared to its proprietary competitor.  At 240MB/sec, the StorageTek T10000C will also reduce the backup window, enabling the data center to backup 5TB of data in less than six hours to a single drive.  With the StorageTek T10000C, Oracle becomes the lead player in the tape library industry, breathing life and energy into StorageTek, and fulfilling Oracle’s commitment made during its acquisition of Sun.”

-- David Reine, Senior Analyst


“Symantec NetBackup has had a long standing relationship with Oracle’s StorageTek tape portfolio based on its ability to consistently deliver tape leadership for our strong base of mutual backup customers. We have successfully qualified the new StorageTek T10000C drive and believe it will have a positive impact on reducing backup window constraints for the customers we share.”

-- Brian Dye, Vice President of Product Management for NetBackup

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