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What Customers and Partners are Saying About Oracle’s SPARC T4 Servers

September 26, 2011


“Our beta testing of Oracle’s SPARC T4 server demonstrated impressive performance and an architecture that reduced complexity and operating costs. This excellent performance on our mixed throughput needs, combined with the SPARC T4’s attractive software licensing terms, led to our decision to use the SPARC T4 system for our next generation archiving system.”

-- Mr. Hans-Juergen Wolf, Archive Manager, DLR

ING Bank

"As a leading global financial institution, ING needs servers that provide the highest levels of reliability and performance to support our mission-critical business applications. Our testing of the ING application stack on Oracle's SPARC T4 servers running Oracle Solaris proves Oracle’s Sun servers deliver quality, predictability and complete backwards compatibility while greatly enhancing system performance.”

-- Frank Schots, Senior UNIX Systems Engineer, ING Bank

Kromberg & Schubert

“Our benchmark testing of Oracle’s SPARC T4 system on our ERP System led to impressive results. We saw performance enhancements of up to 4x compared to our legacy server. Deployment was easy; just a drop in. Our planned worldwide rollout will take advantage of the SPARC T4’s very modest space, energy and heat requirements. In our production deployment we plan to use Oracle Solaris virtualization to implement containers and consolidate several workloads onto a single server.”

– Thomas Kleber, Department Lead IT, Kromberg & Schubert GmbH & Co.


“Because we develop content management systems for many German federal and local governments, it is critical that Materna base its solutions on the most scalable and high performance technology. We are beta testing Oracle’s SPARC T4-1B blades with our "Government Site Builder" application and seeing throughput and single thread performance improvements of 5 to7 times in comparison to the previous generation SPARC blades.“

-- Dr. Georg Kösters, Head of Business Process Management, Business Division Applications, MATERNA GmbH


"At Qualcomm, our testing on the SPARC T4 systems showed huge performance improvements and impressive results across the operating system and Sun Ray login server. With the T4's new CPU performance, RAM capacity and stability of SPARC Solaris, our ‘per system user limit’ will increase from 100 users on an M3000 to 200 users, while providing 4x CPU headroom. With increased experience and proficiency at managing the quantity of "liability" on one box, we hope to see numbers as high as 400 users per T4 Sun Ray Server.”

-- Rob Mallory, IT Architect, Qualcomm

SKY Italia

"We have tested the new SPARC T4-4 system against our current Siebel infrastructure on the SPARC M5000 and the performance of the T4 system was very positive.

The moving of the applications from the current infrastructure to the new T4-4 was flawless with no need for a porting plan or specific tuning. Using virtualization with Solaris Zones in the T4-4 system against a non-virtualized Solaris environment in M5000—this was most impressive. Performance has doubled from our current servers. We think the SPARC T4-4 is the ideal platform for virtualizing and consolidating Siebel and other applications, from the Web server down to the database server tier."

-- Umberto Angelucci, CTO, SKY Italia

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