Kenneth R. Jacobs


Vice President
Product Strategy
Server Technologies Division

Ken Jacobs is vice president of product strategy in Oracle’s server technologies division. Since helping to establish the first Oracle office in Washington, DC, in 1981, Jacobs has held a variety of technical and management positions including oversight of database product management and product marketing. Jacobs has helped guide the development of the Oracle Database product over the years, and holds several patents for innovative database technology. His early work with a number of U.S. Department of Defense clients laid the groundwork for Oracle's leadership position in database security. From 1985-1993, he represented Oracle on the ANSI SQL Standards committee, and he subsequently represented Oracle on the Transaction Processing Performance Council. Since October 2005, he has managed the development team for InnoDB, a transactional storage distributed with the MySQL open source database system. Jacobs has long been a prominent spokesperson for Oracle, and an advocate inside the company for customers' interests.