Derek Williams


Executive Vice President,
Oracle Japan

Derek Williams is Executive Vice President of Oracle Corporation. In this role, he provides overall leadership for Oracle Japan. He also serves as the company's top ambassador for industry, government, and policy within the Asia Pacific region.

Mr. Williams was responsible for Oracle's Asia Pacific operations from 1991 to 2009. Today, Oracle has 75 offices in 29 countries in Asia Pacific and Japan.

Among his key accomplishments was the development of Oracle's business in China and India. In China, there are five development and solution centers including the Oracle Asia Research and Development Centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. In recognition of his contribution to the development of the Chinese software industry, Mr. Williams was awarded an honorary professorship from Shanghai Textile University in 1995.

Mr. Williams is a member of Oracle's Executive Committee, a director for Oracle Japan, and a director for Oracle Financial Services Software Limited in India.