Mike Splain


Executive Vice President,
Microelectronics Group,
Oracle Corporation

Mike Splain is Executive Vice President of Oracle's Microelectronics Group. Mr. Splain came to Oracle in 2010, when the company acquired Sun. Prior to that, Mr. Splain was with Sun for 20 years, where he held several senior leadership positions including Executive Vice President of Sun's Microelectronics Group, Sun Fellow, and Sun's Chief Engineer and CTO for the Systems Group. He was also a member of Sun's Executive Leadership Team, as well as the Technology Management Team and Team CTO. At Oracle, Mr. Splain strongly influences the technology, product, and operational strategies and tactics of the Microelectronics Group. He also serves as a valuable resource to assist in the understanding and resolution of Sun-related technical issues. Mr. Splain holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Connecticut.