May 2009

Profit May 2009

Airwave Innovation

by Ann C. Logue, May 2009

Satellite radio is an update of a decades-old media channel, and SIRIUS XM has excelled both as a rich content provider and as an IT powerhouse. We recognize CIO Bill Pratt with a Profit Innovation Award and find out how he’s kept pace with his company’s astounding growth while retaining a flair for innovation.

Additional Content

  • Quick Thinking, Slow Thinking, by Margaret Terry Lindquist
    Cut costs-but keep working on long-term growth plans.
  • Playing It Smart, by Stan Jakubik
    Creative IT strategies for tough times from an Oracle user group leader.
  • Forward Thinking
  • Accelerate to Great, by Ann C. Logue
    Midsize companies are reaping the benefits of enterprise software to power growth and keep a lid on costs.
  • Easing the challenge of integration.
    Oracle Application Integration Architecture helps companies gain roi.
  • Loomis US, by Monica Mehta
    Delivering more than just cash.
  • Zebra Technologies, by Carol Hildebrand
    Simplifying end-to-end business process integration and accelerating ROI.
  • Integration Priorities, by Carol Hildebrand
    Companies are taking a strategic view of integration challenges to ensure good results.
  • Project Management Insight, by Marta Bright
    Primavera and Oracle join together to improve enterprise visibility into projects.
  • Effective License Management
    Reduce Risk and Improve IT Procurement Decision-Making.
  • Applications Unlimited - New at Oracle
  • Mile-High Opportunity, by Kate Pavao
    Oracle teams with Colorado School District to provide training.
  • Punctuality Pays, by Marta Bright
    Better management of early payment discounts keeps cash flowing into Alltel’s coffers.
  • Team of Rivals, by Minda Zetlin
    Can IT and Finance work together to preserve business in tough times?
  • Agent of Change, by Karen J. Bannan
    Penn National Insurance improves sales with Oracle insurance solutions.
  • Networking for Success, by Karen J . Bannan
    Oracle is helping insurers move toward a more open exchange of ideas with its own Insurance Industry Strategy Council.
  • A Complete Customer View, by Tony Kontzer
    Eaton Steel and Regal Beloit cut costs and broaden access to customers.
  • Recognizing Middleware Stars, by Tony Kontzer
    Eaton Steel Bar and Regal Beloit were among the customers honored by Oracle.
  • The Partner Edge, by Tony Kontzer
    Two of Oracle’s consulting partners—Innowave Technology and Business Intelligence Consulting Group—were recognized for systems integration excellence.
  • A Meaningful Conversation, by Carol Hildebrand
    Oracle sales and consulting leader Keith Block focuses on customers to help them survive the present without sacrificing the future.
  • Centralizing on Excellence, by Molly Rose Teuke
    PepsiCo and Minerals Technologies blaze a path toward global business services.
  • A Commitment to Service, by Molly Rose Teuke
    Focusing on the needs of Oracle On Demand customers is the top priority for Oracle’s service delivery management team.
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